Water vs solvent based products




What are the advantages/disadvantages of using water-based products?

Water-based products are more user friendly and smell less offensive. Brushes are also easier to clean but only dry quickly in the right conditions.


What are the advantages/disadvantages of using solvent-based products?

Solvent-based products have a better flow out and a better appearance. However, the odour is stronger and they can take 16 - 24 hours before being over coated.


I have used a solvent-based coating but cannot get rid of the smell?

Ventilation is the key - ensure windows and doors are open to increase airflow. All soft furnishings could be removed before starting as the smell may cling to them.


Smart tips for getting a great finish with Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss and Satin

New water-based Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss and Satin are the smart choices when you need an affordable, fast drying, non-yellowing alternative to traditional solvent-based trim paints.

You can use all your usual trim painting skills with Quick Dry Gloss and Satin, but here are a few expert tips to ensure you get a finish to be proud of.


Brush and roller selection

Use a good quality synthetic bristle brush - natural bristles absorb water from the paint and can cause brush marks

Use a short pile roller, preferably simulated mohair - foam rollers can reduce paint flow.



  • Dampen bristles to reduce clogging.


  • Lightly dampen the surface with a clean damp cloth to promote paint flow (over-wetting will reduce adhesion).


  • Apply evenly - over brushing and applying too thinly can cause brush marks and uneven sheen.


  • Lay off using the tips of the bristles and a virtually dry brush. Work in the direction of the grain or parallel to the longest side for an even finish.


  • Leave the paint alone - don't be tempted to go back over drying surfaces as you will spoil the finish.