JPC Décor Ltd Wins Sustainable Approach Dulux Connect Project Award

JPC Décor Ltd is an established contractor based near Blackpool. Founded in 2003, the company provides commercial and domestic painting and decorating services to clients nationwide. JPC Décor Ltd has been awarded a Dulux Connect Project Award for its sustainable approach to the work undertaken at the PZ Cussons offices. 


The scope of works

PZ Cussons manufactures many health and personal care brands including Carex, Imperial Leather and Sanctuary Spa to name just three. JPC Décor Ltd was tasked with redecorating spaces over two floors of the PZ Cussons offices, including the reception area. The team also had the complex job of redecorating a large concrete column, requiring the team to work from height to apply specialist plaster and painted finishes. 


Choosing sustainability 

Sustainability was high on the agenda for PZ Cussons, which tasked JPC Décor Ltd with ensuring the paints and coating used for the redecoration work adhered to its environmental goals. As such, the JPC Décor Ltd team recommended the use of water-based products that emit minimal levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs – which are gasses emitted into the air).

In recent years, JPC Décor Ltd has moved across to using only water-based products. “We’re conscious of the environmental impact of the paint we use and have been moving towards water-based products for a long time,” explained John Cawood, Managing Director at JPC Décor Ltd. “We first started using water-based paints around 20 years ago. Since then, the products have vastly improved and I would imagine that in the next decade, solvent-based paint will be a thing of the past for us.

“When we saw the original specification for the PZ Cussons offices, we recommended switching to water-based paints as we have plenty of experience and successful results with using such solutions. We used Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood on the interior woodwork due to its tough and durable finish that provides protection from scratches, stains, and grease. The water-based formulation is designed to be used in high traffic areas, such as corridors, stairways, and access areas. It has the added benefit of being quick drying with low odour. Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood also provides a professional finish and is non-yellowing meaning it will last for years to come.”

John Cawood added: “We’re committed to sustainable decorating practices, and everything is moving towards this nowadays - it’s certainly the future of decorating. As well as appealing to prospective clients, there are lots of benefits to adapting your practices with the environment in mind. We ensure we efficiently use all of the paint in a tin, which is not only good for the environment, but also saves us money in the long term. We also recycle all our paint tins via Dulux Decorator Centre.” 


Colour and design

The JPC Décor Ltd team were also instrumental to the colour selection process. With so many areas requiring redecoration, the team worked with Dulux Decorator Centre Account Manager Allan Doyle to simplify the colour schemes and create a harmonious aesthetic across the large office space. 

They also colour matched to existing features. John Cawood said: “There was existing colour on the ceilings that proved a struggle to match, but with support from Dulux Trade and use of the Dulux Trade Specification Creator tool, we were able to source an appropriate product.”

The team also used the Dulux Trade Expert App to create mock-ups of what the colours would look like in situ prior to the paint being applied.  

The PZ Cussons office refurbishment has won several awards and received positive feedback from the client – including around the final finish of the paint. “It was a rewarding project to work on and it definitely didn’t look like your usual office space once complete,” concluded John Cawood.

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