Colour Excellence Centre

At Dulux Trade we are passionate about colour. From the introduction of our new 384 colour palette, to our amazing new and improved colour match technology, we are always striving to create the truly best experience in colour for you and your customers.

New Colour Matching Technology

With our new Colour Match technology, more accurate than ever, we can scan and create a new colour with a unique code just for you.

Colour Creation

Behind the scenes, our team of specialists have been working tirelessly to introduce new technology throughout our colour creation process, with new scanners, recipe updates and updated machine software to ensure excellent colour accuracy and a smooth end to end process. We bring the magic of art and science together to give you and your customers colour you can trust.

Colour Sensor

Need to colour match on site? The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor gives you and your client an accurate colour match in seconds.

Colour Selection

From the colour wall in store, to the fandeck and colour guides we produce, there is an array of palettes for your clients to choose from.

Colour of the Year 2021

A warm, elemental neutral, Brave Ground, brings a bolstering, balancing feel to any room. It’s a versatile shade letting other colours shine

Colour Training

Want to learn more about Colour & Design? Why not visit the Dulux Academy?

Colour of the Year

Decorator guide

With imaginative designs and colour combinations carefully explained, you can help your client to be confident taking that first step.

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