What to do once the paint is dry

Business Clients

The hard work is done. The next step is to make sure your project delivers the biggest pay-off


A project doesn’t end when the paint has dried. This is the moment when you can add the most value for your business – a good final impression can lead to repeat business and great recommendations to potential new clients.


The big reveal

Let your workmanship shine with a thorough clean-up of the site: this is the moment you hand a client’s home back to them and, for full impact, there should be no sign of all the hard work that’s happened. Arrange any furniture that was moved for the project, remove all tools and consider the lighting: natural light is best, so open any curtains or blinds, but if the room is dim, perhaps turn on some lamps.


Step back

Home decoration projects are very personal experiences. Give your client the time and space to see the finished work. Don’t be too hasty to ask their opinion, but be ready to listen when they want to respond.


Offer insight

Clients can feel nervous when they first see a finished project. Once they’ve had a chance to take it all in, offer them your professional opinion on the finishes and why you feel they have worked.


Encourage feedback

Be confident in asking for your client’s opinion. Let the client know how valuable it is and be ready to listen. If the feedback is positive, ask if they’d be willing to write a testimonial. Read more on how to Discover what your clients really think’.

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