We understand that decorating is about more than just paint on walls

It’s about making clients happy and doing a job you can be proud of. So when you choose a paint, you want to be sure it’ll give a perfect finish. Our team of dedicated experts has developed paints with a creamy consistency and unrivalled formula that deliver consistent results with no patchiness. In fact, we want you to love the end results so much that, if for any reason, you don’t, we’ll replace your purchase.

A promise kept

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A lot of people talk about promises, but our paint will give you the perfect colour, coverage and uniform finish – or we’ll replace it.

Lift the lid

Whats in a can of Dulux Trade?

Fine pigments? Tick. Quality ingredients? It’s a given. But there are a few other things you may not expect that go into our tins of paint…

“I recommend Dulux Trade to all my customers. Five stars”

Carl Lesh, Director at TCHL Interiors Ltd

Dulux heritage

Improving lives since 1919

We’ve been producing the nation’s best-loved paint for decades, helping add colour to people’s lives and supporting the wider community.

Paint picker

Find the perfect paint

Whatever the job, our carefully curated colours and finishes will make finding the right paint for your client easy.

“The Diamond range is excellent. My go-to recommendation to clients”

Tyrone Power, Power Precision Paint

Dulux Quality

Hear the quality of our paint

(Yes, you read right)

Meet our mascot

It's a (Dulux) dog's life

The iconic Old English Sheepdog has been our mascot for the last 58 years. Find out what it takes to be a brand's best friend.

What’s the magic ingredient in our paint?

Inside every tin of Dulux paint, you’ll find more than just quality ingredients, expert knowledge and scientific craftsmanship. Sure, these are all essential to giving our products the perfect colour and uniform finish we promise to you, but there’s one magic ingredient that takes our paint beyond walls: Care. Thanks to the love and passion of our dedicated team, we’re painting a more positive future for people, communities and the environment.

Let’s Colour

The positive power of paint

With Let’s Colour, we’ve been harnessing the power of colour to paint a brighter today and pave the way for an even better tomorrow...

Moving forward

Paint the future positive

We’re committed to bringing you more than just perfect colour. Find out how we’ve been developing a brighter future for our planet…

We’ve got colour down to a fine art

Choosing colours, combining them well and continually reimagining them in new ways is an art form. It requires a creative eye and an abundance of imagination. As for crafting our quality paint, that calls for a methodical mind and a wealth of scientific know-to. So it’s fair to say our talented team are real experts in colour. That’s why they’re dedicated to creating and innovating products, tools and services to help you and your paint projects from start to finish. Together, we can all master the magic of colour.

Colour of the Year History

We look back at 17 years of Colour Futures with Heleen Van Gent, Creative Director of AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Centre, based in Holland.

What’s in a name?

How Dulux names its colours

Ever wonder how we name our colours? What’s the story behind Fandango Fun? Look behind the colour wall as we reveal how we name our paints.

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