Let’s Colour

Let’s Colour

With Let’s Colour, we’ve been harnessing the transformative power of colour to paint a brighter today and pave the way for an even better tomorrow…

The positive power of paint


There’s more to Dulux than just paint. Since we first launched the Let’s Colour initiative in 2009, we’ve carried out thousands of colourful projects, all in the name of using the positive power of paint to transform lives, spaces and communities.


For the past decade, we’ve been adding colour to people’s lives around the globe, improving public spaces, uplifting communities, changing behaviours and painting a better future for our planet. Watch our video and read on for more…

Let’s colour for care


When it comes to building a new healthcare facility, the interiors are understandably a secondary consideration. However, our own research has shown that the design of a space can significantly affect patient wellbeing. Yes, adding a splash of bright colour can genuinely aid recovery.

In 2018, we put this into practice by partnering with the BRE (British Research Establishment) to develop a calming colour palette for those living with dementia. We also produced an evidence-based design guide, to help professional painters create dementia-friendly environments.

But that’s not all. We’ve also been supporting other organisations with a bit of Dulux TLC. Last year, for example, we transformed the flagship facility for Sebastian’s Action Trust ­– a charity supporting seriously ill children. The team turned Cedar Lodge – once a derelict building – into a safe, adaptable and exciting environment for families to play, relax and create happy memories together. 


Let’s colour for unity


Since 1993, Dulux has proudly sponsored Community RePaint, the UK-wide paint reuse network. Together, we’ve supported tens of thousands of groups and individuals to help improve their shared spaces, renovate community centres and create exciting spaces for people of all ages to enjoy.

Our joint projects use the positive power of paint to bring people together. In 2018, for example, we supported Marks & Spencer’s Spark Something Good initiative. In London, M&S customers and employees joined their local communities to complete 24 paint projects in the capital in just 24 hours. These projects included creating a new dining room for a busy soup kitchen, renovating a community farmyard and turning an unused central London rooftop into a colourful children’s play area.

Meanwhile in Manchester, Dulux and Community RePaint gave new life to the Tree Of Life Centre, an organisation dedicated to helping seriously deprived people in the local Wythenshawe area. The centre is home to a food bank, clothes shop and community library, as well as a Health and Wellbeing room for activities, workshops and classes. With help from volunteers, we turned this tired centre into a welcoming and inviting space, to continue its vital work. 


Let’s colour for change


We believe that paint can change how people look at the world – and we’re not just speaking literally. The Let’s Colour project has also been helping to change public perceptions, behaviours and attitudes for the better.

To see what we mean, take a look at our recent social experiment series. We took to the public to carry out five tests that showcase the positive impact of paint on our everyday lives.

By transforming a boring staircase with a rainbow of colour, could we encourage people to walk up the steps instead of taking the escalator?

What happens when you use paint to turn a dull road into a fun running track?

Watch our videos to find out! 


We’ve also been encouraging local communities to care more about their shared spaces and, ultimately, help them live in a place they feel proud of. In Brentwood, Essex, Community RePaint Thurrock provided paint to help cover graffiti, commanding a new respect for buildings in the area. Redecorating entrances and stairwells in several of the housing blocks also proved successful in encouraging tenants to keep these spaces cleaner and tidier. 


Let’s colour for the future


We’re not only painting for today, we’re harnessing the power of paint for a better tomorrow. From rebuilding schools to repainting classrooms, we’re dedicated to inspiring young people with a splash of colour, and creating exciting spaces for them to work, rest and play.

And not just locally – we’ve taken Let’s Colour into schools around the world. One of our earliest projects saw us inject colour into the classrooms of Belgium. Meanwhile in China, 20 schools were repainted, with AkzoNobel staff and families invited to participate in these important transformations.

More recently, we sent a team of 15 Dulux staff from the UK and Ireland to Nepal to help rebuild a school damaged by the devastating 2015 earthquake. Back in the UK, to mark 25 years of sponsoring Community RePaint, leftover paint was donated to a school in Slough to create a vibrant mural.

Students took part in a workshop, led by Dulux Creative Director Marianne Shillingford, to design the playground mural. After a lesson or two from our team of painters, they got to paint their creation on the wall as well. Students and teachers alike were delighted at the results.

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