What’s in a tin of Dulux?

What’s in a tin of Dulux?

Inside every tin of paint is a mix of art, science and a little bit of magic that make Dulux the nation’s favourite paint

Only the finest ingredients


Not all paints are made equal. Our premium products are crafted using the very best ingredients and, like the finest chocolate, the consistency is creamy and a little really does go a long way. Just as you wouldn’t give cheap chocolate to someone you love, you wouldn’t paint the places you really care about with average paint, either. Our paint may cost a little more, but because of the premium quality of all our products – which go further and last longer ­– you actually save money in the long-run when you use Dulux. Proof indeed that there is so much more in a tin of Dulux paint than just paint...


Expert knowledge in every tin

The Dulux brand is built on constant improvement through innovation. Our experts are passionate about creating products that are durable, easier to use and have special and distinctive properties for different purposes – from slowing the progress of fire in buildings to killing bacteria in hospitals. What’s more, every tin of paint is produced at our production facility in Ashington, the world’s most advanced and sustainable factory, with half the carbon footprint of traditional paint factories.


Inspired by nature

We’re always looking to the world around us for inspiration. Biomimicry – developing scientific solutions inspired by nature – has helped us create stain-resistant technology that replicates the beading effect when water hits the surface of a leaf (Diamond), as well as water-resistant paints that take their cue from the feathers on a duck’s back (Cuprinol). These tough, ‘superhydrophobic’ finishes extend the decorating cycle by years, saving customers money and reducing their impact on the environment in the process.


The power of technology


Digital technology has become an integral part of the painting process, bringing in-depth insight and clever solutions together to make people’s lives easier. Thanks to our revolutionary Visualizer app, customers can get help choosing the right colour by seeing it in real-time on their wall. Similarly, the Dulux Trade Paint Expert and Paint Specifier apps have made the lives of professionals easier, and we’ve recently developed a free digital plug-in palette tool to bring the vision of architects and interior designers to life for clients. Our in-house experts work tirelessly to ensure the power of paint really works to make a positive change across homes. Take Lumitec for instance – cutting-edge technology used in our Light+Space range, designed to reflect twice as much light as standard emulsion. This makes small spaces look bigger and brighter, which means less energy is required to light homes – reducing bills by up to 20% in some cases, too!


Improving lives with education

We are committed to supporting the professionalism, skills and knowledge of the decorating trade in our national network of unique Dulux Academy training centres. A first in the industry, they offer accredited training in all aspects of decorating, from spray application to special finishes. They’re about encouraging painters to always be their professional best, each and every day.


Community outreach


All that unwanted paint lurking in sheds around the country doesn’t go to waste. Our Community RePaint initiative helps collect unused paint and donate it to the charities, families and individuals who need it most, while our Let’s Colour projects support communities around the globe, helping transform neglected spaces and bring colour to people’s lives. See how your leftover paint could transform lives here.


Our people

Probably our most important ingredient, people are the heart of everything we do – from the technical support staff advising customers on the end of the phone, and the colour experts and scientists in the lab, to the sales teams helping professionals get the most out of the products we make every day.


And not forgetting the Dulux dog…

Ever since Dash, the director’s dog, ran on the set of the 1961 TV ad and became an accidental celebrity, the Old English Sheepdog has been the iconic mascot of our brand. He still represents that quality, trust and loyalty that customers have come to expect of Dulux.


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