Lack of solid wall insulation

In the UK, homeowners and businesses are losing millions of pounds every year due to heat loss through uninsulated solid wall construction.

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Ageing Buildings

The UK has one of the oldest, most inefficient built environments in Europe. Nearly a third of buildings are of solid wall construction, the majority of which are typically older properties built before 1919.

Rising Costs

Increasing energy prices are placing a greater burden on everyone including private, residential and commercial customers.

Wasted Energy

The majority of energy consumption comes from heating and cooling: Approximately two thirds in the average home and half in the average commercial building.

Inside and Out

Already poor insulation in buildings of solid wall construction can be compounded by moisture trapped in brick work, which reduces the thermal efficiency of the wall causing more heat to escape. Potentially an issue for some properties in a high wind driven rain index zone.

Heat loss through solid walls wastes up to 45% of heating energy wasting money for their occupants or owners, as well as reducing comfort.

Why is solid wall construction so inefficient?

Modern walls have insulation cavities, often filled with insulating material that captures and retains heat. Solid walls have no insulation.

Three quarters of exteriors are undecorated - walls with a higher moisture content release significantly more heat than those with a lower moisture content.

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