Introducing Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+

In the UK, the exterior of many properties are left undecorated and therefore exposed to the elements. In response we have launched Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+, an invisible exterior waterproofing coating that had been specifically formulated to reduce water penetration into solid walls without sealing the surface, allowing the wall to breathe and dry-out; helping to improve thermal efficiency.

Helping walls to stay dry and reducing heat loss, while at the same time retaining the look and feel of a property.

BRE Reports:

  • P103840-1000 Issue 1
  • P103840-1001 Issue 1

Product features

  • Reduces water penetration †
  • Provides invisible protection
  • Breathable*
  • Fast spray application
  • Protection for up to 10 years
  • Resistant to the effects to UV damage

*Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+ allows moisture contained within a wall to leave in the form of water vapour.† Compared to untreated substrates.

How to apply SmartShield+

We recommend spraying Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+ for larger surfaces, using low pressure to avoid excessive mist/over-spray, but it can also be applied using Brush or Roller.

SmartShield+ is supplied ready to use and should not be thinned or dilluted.

Before application

  • Walls must be sound, clean and dry
  • Areas affected by mould, lichens and algae
    must be treated
  • Damaged joints, cracks and other defects
    must be repaired.


  • Protecting fixed items and taking care to avoid excessive mist and overspray, work from the bottom to the top 
    of walls to ensure maximum impregnation.
  • For best results, apply until substrate is fully saturated 
    and sags/rurns of 10-20cm appear.


  • Only highly porous substrates 2-3 coats 
    are recommended, while on less absorbent sufraces, 
    only one coat may be needed.
  • Walls are usually recoatable within 30 minutes, 
    once Dulux Trade Plus SmartShield+ has been 
    fully absorbed.
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