Introducing Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+

Create warmer, more comfortable spaces with a permanent system that improves thermal performance, cuts heat loss and reduces warm-up times.

Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ is a revolutionary new 3-part coating system proven to cut heat loss and increase energy efficiency.

The innovative system enables building owners to enhance spaces, improving occupant comfort, whilst saving money on heating and supporting sustainability targets.

BRE Reports:

  • P103840-1001 Issue 1
  • P106932-1001 Issue 1
  • P106969-1000 Issue 2

Product System Features

  • Reduces heat loss through walls by up to 18%*
  • Improves room warm up times
  • Independently tested thermal conductivity (λ) of 0.05 W/mK
  • Minimal disruption to wall fittings
  • Leaves a flat smooth finish ready for painting
  • Certified by the BBA, and tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE)

*BRE laboratory tests in a matched pair of test cells with wall U-values equivalent to a standard solid brick wall (220 mm) showed that a 5.5 mm coating of Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ would reduce the heat loss through the walls by approximately 18%.

Dulux Trade PLUS Thermacoat+ 3-part system

Part 1

Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+Innovative basecoat with insulation properties

Thickness: 5mm (when levelled)
Spreading Rate: 5L/m²
Drying Times: Overnight (Minimum 12 hours)
Application: Internal side of exterior facing walls*
Tools: Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ Comb

Part 2

Dulux Trade Plus Levelling Fleece Strong high quality fibreglass fleece, used to level and smooth Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ (part 1)

Length: 25m roll, 1m wide. 
Tool: Dulux Trade Plus Leveling Tool

Part 3

Dulux Trade Plus Smooth & Protect+ Protective mid coat for use over Dulux Trade Plus Thermacoat+ & Dulux Trade Plus Levelling Fleece

Thickness: 1mm (wet) 
Spreading Rate: 1L/m2 
Drying time: Minimum 12 hours, before lightly sanding & painting 
Tool: Plastering spatula or flat trowel

*Not suitable for use in areas where condensation is a problem e.g. kitchens & bathrooms. 
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