Rosemary Works Primary is a small independent school in London. In May 2015, it won the Colour in Commercial Architecture and Buildings category in the Dulux Let's Colour Awards.

A small, but personal school, its philosophy openly encourages ‘being different’, says Jacqueline Logue, Director of Rosemary Works Primary. A key part of the school’s approach is a recognition that its spaces not only have to support its ‘maverick’ style of education - but also, to create an environment that pupils respect and feel proud to be a part of.

A critical factor in the development was the engagement of pupils, staff and parents in the design process with the architect, Aberrant Architecture. To take pupils through the design journey, the school ran a number of workshops to draw out their creativity.

The impact has been considerable. With strong colour schemes and ‘zoning’ throughout the school, pupils and teachers have seen a drastic change in the way they interact with their spaces to support learning. On the back of the initial success, the school commissioned a second project over the summer of 2015 and plans on creating a rolling plan of redecoration every year to keep the environment fresh and vibrant.

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