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Designing for aged care, including those living with Dementia, brings its own unique set of challenges. Whether it be designing for a healthcare or residential environment, avoidance of common design pitfalls can be achieved by following our set of evidence-based design principles. With our research and experience, designers should feel supported and confident in creating safer spaces, reducing resident’s anxiety and promoting their self-identity and dignity within personal spaces. With cleaning and maintenance regimes becoming so critical in this sector, our specialist durable and anti-microbial products reduce risk of infection.

Industry Innovation


Dementia Colour & Design Guide

To help you make informed decisions on colour, design and product, we created our Designing for Dementia - Colour Palette and Design Guide.

Healthcare Design Principles

Use our interactive tool to explore the best colour scheme to deliver great healthcare outcomes in your healthcare facility.

Longer lasting finishes

Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt rises to the challenge of keeping the environment pristine and clean, reducing unsightly scuff marks.

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Colour Support

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