Living room with soft pink walls and grey sofa
Dulux Colour of the Year 2024

Sweet Embrace™

An office space showing a front desk and a meeting area. One wall is painted with different colored stripes, whilst the ceiling and opposing wall is painted in pink.

Colour of the Year 2024

Every year, Dulux colour experts translate global design trends into a Colour of the Year and three new palettes. The colour for 2024 is Sweet Embrace™ – A gentle blossom pink, that when used with its three complementary palettes, will respond to those future needs, providing decorators with a collection of on-trend, contemporary colours that will resonate with their customers.

Explore our three earthy colour palettes

Dulux Colour of the Year will transform your clients homes

Create a comforting and welcoming feel with the Warm colour palette

A palette of warm earth tones can help create a space that feels in touch with the landscape, helping make a home feel a natural part of the surrounding environment.

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