Bright sparks




Classrooms are among the hardest working places in a school or college. Often space is limited and usually the room is crowded and hectic. This demands a colour scheme that delivers a sense of light and focus and makes the most of the space available. It also requires a finish that can survive heavy traffic and withstand constant cleaning. 

Most classroom colour schemes are built around the use of a feature wall as the teaching wall. This is the wall the students will be facing most of the time, so using a suitable bright colour brings focus to the space and can actively encourage learning and concentration.

The choice of feature colour will of course depend on the overall colour scheme, the age group of the students and the orientation of the room.

Warmer colours are best if the natural light is from the north. For optimum effectiveness, the vividness should be balanced by more neutral shades in the rest of the room.

Then it comes to paint finishes, durability is the key. That's why it is no surprise that the Dulux Trade Diamond range is so frequently chosen for teaching spaces. To create the required sense of light in smaller, darker teaching spaces, reflective Dulux Trade Light & Space colours are the perfect choice.

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