What it means to be a Dulux Select Decorator

As well as having at least three years experience as a decorator and one year running their own business, each decorator must undergo a close assessment of, not only their decorating skill, but how they interact with customers and their business practices. Once accepted, our team all follows the strict Dulux Select Decorators Code of Practice to ensure they give their customers the highest standard of work.



Not only does this benefit the customer, but Dulux Select Decorators can enjoy several benefits to their business, including quality assurance from a trusted name, access to training courses, advice from our experts on how to grow their businesses and the chance to meet other like-minded decorators.

To help you understand the scheme from a decorator’s point of view, we caught up with David from D.Barrett Decorating, who has been a member of the scheme since 2015.  


How does Select help your business?

It helps in a few ways. One is you feel like you belong to a group of quality, honest decorators, all of whom have been assessed and vetted prior to joining so you constantly strive to maintain those standards. Another is you are backed by Dulux. Having a well known company behind you on your own advertising and general company branding, can only help reassure customers and with a two year guarantee offered by all Select members, it’s a wonderful peace of mind that we aren’t a fly by night tradespeople.

What changes have you seen in Select since you started in 2015?

Over the past couple of years there have been a lot of changes. Members are more informed of what is happening within the scheme and are asked regularly of anything they would like to be done or if the team can help to benefit us all. We receive panel member updates, the team organise family events that all members are encouraged to get involved with along their families, we have monthly competitions, the scheme itself is becoming more noticeable to customers through various outlets of advertising and social media presence and there is a general feel good factor around the scheme.


What aspects do you use most?

I use the Dulux Select logo on all business branding, the two year guarantee on most jobs (product dependant), I like to attend as many events as possible and get involved and I try to use the training courses at the Dulux Academy whenever I can. One course I attended this year was a Mental Health First Aid course, which has led me to become a mental health ambassador for the scheme alongside several other members. Another area where Select is leading the way to keep at the forefront of the everyday things that affect us within the building and construction industry.

Has Select been of benefit throughout COVID?

It has. From the outset the team have offered support and guidance, producing safe working packages we can use and keeping us up to date with how Dulux Decorator Centre stores and Dulux as a whole is working throughout the pandemic so we as decorators can continue to work and source materials. It’s really reassuring to know that that support network is there when we need it.


Do you see benefit in being part of the Select community and have you met other like minded decorators?

Yes, lots of benefits. Any advice or support is there ready when I need it, be it a phone call or email away and it’s definitely helped me grow as a person and a business. I’ve met lots of other like minded decorators over the past five years, at several events, at the Dulux Select Awards party and when I took part in the Dulux London Revolution. Lots of members have been part of the scheme for many years, some from conception, and you can see why when you attend these events and see how well everyone gets on together.

Has it been all worthwhile?

For me personally yes! The cost alone is small compared to others, you get benefits that far outweigh the cost over the course of the year and it does benefit your business. However, as with most things, you only get out what you put in. For more information, visit www.duluxselectdecorators.co.uk.

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