Cuprinol Stain Stripper

Removes previously applied woodstain from decks
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Key benefits
  • For previously stained wood
  • Prepares wood for staining or oiling
  • Water based
Technical Information
  • Coverage A 2.5L can covers upto 10m2 with 1 coat.Coverage can vary depending on application and the condition and nature of the surface
  • Composition Water-based
Product Features
  • Easy application

Product Description

Cuprinol Stain Stripper is an effective way to remove flaking & peeling woodstain from previously stained decking. It prepares the surface before applying a Cuprinol decking oil or stain.

Application Description

Stir thoroughly before use. Wearing suitable protective gloves, apply by brush, ensuring a generous even coverage. Leave until previous coating begins to blister and test scrape area at intervals to see if the bare deck begins to show. If required, the product can be left for up to 4 hours to maximise penetration through all of the paint layers. Remove with a stripping knife. Use water to clean surface, or white spirit to avoid raising the grain of the wood. Collect waste and dispose of safely. Should any paint remain please repeat the process before finishing with an appropriate Cuprinol oil or stain. Do not apply in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius or if rain is likely before the job is complete.

Technical & Safety Documentation

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    Remove excessive dirt and soiling, large areas of algae, lichen, fungi or moss with a scraper or stiff brush suitable for use on grooved decking.
  • 2. Cleaning
    Remove excess product from tools before cleaning with soapy water
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