Give leftover paint a life beyond your walls


In the UK 50 million litres of paint is disposed of annually. Over half of this is still usable meaning it is wasted instead of being put to good use to transform spaces. That's why over 25 years ago, AkzoNobel started supporting Community RePaint - an organisation that collects and re-distributes reusable leftover paint to community groups and those in social need. Over these last 25 years, our support has helped Community RePaint grow to become a national network of over 70 reuse schemes across the UK. Together we have helped community groups, charities and low income earners to repair and regenerate their homes and communities, bringing colour to many lives across the UK.


In 2018 alone, Community RePaint redistributed over 315,000 litres of paint to community groups, charities and people in social need. This has brightened the lives of over 290,000 people.

These community beneficiaries are one of the reasons why AkzoNobel is proud to be the sponsor of Community RePaint. The difference colour can make to a community cannot be underestimated. Not only can colour have a positive effect on our well-being, it can also energise communities and give people a sense of place and identity.

To find our more visit the Community RePaint website and find out how you can get involved

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