Your colour expert

Your colour expert


Whatever project you're working on, colour is key. So, we spoke to Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux, to find out more about how you can improve your confidence with colour and create the perfect colour scheme.

Hi Marianne. Tell us about your role as Creative Director.


The core objective of my role is to help people to be more confident about using colour in their projects. That might involve everything from working on new colour ranges and tools to writing press features and recording videos. I also work on delivering practical training in our Dulux Academy and seminars at trade events.



What advice can you offer for anyone looking to increase their confidence with colour?


Everyone will be glad to know that putting a great colour scheme together doesn't necessarily require a natural talent or special skills. All you need is a great range of colours, the right tools to help you find the perfect one, and the ability to visualise it in the place you are planning to use it. Dulux have so many incredible, free tools that put over 80 years of world-leading colour expertise instantly available in your pocket. From digital plug-in palette software to the revolutionary Visualiser app and state-of-the-art colour measuring equipment, colours can be accurately matched and beautifully coordinated at the touch of a screen or click of a mouse.



How do you go about creating the perfect colour scheme?


The elements that are staying in the space- for example surface materials, flooring, furniture, artwork and soft furnishings- can be used as inspiration for a decorating scheme. Focus on the dominant material or element as a starting point and use the colour picking tool on the Dulux Trade Paint Expert app to match colour from it. It will suggest perfectly coordinating options that can be used together on walls and woodwork. The Dulux Trade Paint Expert for Interior Designers app is also a great free tool for exploring new colour combinations and quickly creating a range of schemes on digital mood boards. You can see all the elements of a space working together, easily pick colours that unify the look with options to share with your clients, and order free colour samples.



What can someone expect from a colour and design course at the Dulux Academy?


The Dulux Academy Colour and Design Courses help to build confidence in colour and colour scheming. They help you to create beautiful and inspiring living spaces for your clients, using tools and skills that are intuitive and easy to master. Understanding a little more about colour, from the way our eyes see it to the science and theory of colour scheming, will transform any simple decorating job into something both you and your customers will be proud of. It will also help your service stand out from the competition and lead to more work.



What are your thoughts on Heart Wood, the AkzoNobel colour of the year 2018?


Heart Wood is a hugely versatile, warm neutral with a hint of heather. It's has the intriguing quality of looking different throughout the day and captures a sense of home and luxurious comfort. It's a colour that looks as good in a traditional period property as it does in a modern apartment or hotel lobby. I think it's going to be a big hit in 2018.



What do you think will be the other colour and design trends for 2018?


Allowing nature to influence the interior in ways that increase a feeling of wellbeing will see the continued growth in our love of all things green in plants, paint, fabrics, and interior landscaping. Creating a familiar sense of home in public spaces, where we can feel safe and comfortable, is going to be key in the year ahead. And, the use of warm tinted woods is overtaking our love affair with pale Scandinavian inspired timber in furniture and flooring.

To browse the full range of colour and design courses available with Marianne, at the Dulux Academy, download our course prospectus now.

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