Wooden Skyscrapers Could Be The Future



Wooden skyscrapers could be the future of cities around the world with thanks to the recent development of engineered timber, which could indicate a new era of eco-friendly 'plyscrapers'.

In Britain, where the construction industry makes up almost seven per cent of the economy, 47 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions are generated from buildings, while 10 per cent come from construction materials. This has lead architects and engineers to seek new ways of building taller and faster without having a drastic impact on the environment, seeing them revisit the most basic building material of them all: wood.

Wood in its raw form couldn't compete with steel frames; however, a type of super-plywood has been developed to step up to the challenge. Do you think the idea will catch on?

For more information visit: http://bit.ly/1rS0BD0

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