Why you'll always train with the latest gear at an Academy course




Technology in the painting and decorating industry is constantly evolving. So, to ensure that course attendees are always using the very latest products, Dulux Academy partners with leading suppliers to ensure delegates experience and have access to the very best equipment.

Both the Introduction to Spray Application and the two Advanced Spray courses give delegates the opportunity to benefit from hands-on sessions. As well as a classroom-style 'theory' module, decorators get the chance to use Airless and HVLP spray equipment to get real, practical experience.

Mark Rigby is an experienced decorator and teaches on the Academy's three Spray courses. The Academy has recently taken a delivery of brand-new equipment and so we asked Mark to outline the technology now available.

"We have two 695 ProContractors, two GX FFs, two FinishPro 9.5 ProContractor HVLP sprayers, a Handheld Ultra and a Handheld UltraMax," says Mark. "The two sets of brand-new equipment mean we can provide superb equipment both for the south of the UK (at Slough) and the north of the UK at Ashington."

While much of the equipment is from the Graco brand, the academy uses products from a range of suppliers. "We use other brands; Graco, Tritech and Q-Tech brands that are available through our Dulux Decorating Centre network," adds Mark.

"We have a very good working relationship with Graco and we are proud to partner with the market leaders." Graco's innovative features and wide range of products make them the perfect fit for the academy, but is their equipment suitable for all levels?

"Yes," confirms Mark. "Due to their large range we have small units designed for small decorating jobs and those new to spraying, right up to commercial and industrial units for spraying conventional paints and specialist products."

Whatever your level of skill, when you attend a Dulux Academy course you can be sure you'll be using the very latest technology. We asked Mark if he had any secret tips about the new equipment that delegates can look forward to using?

"No. If I gave you a secret, what would I give people on the course?!"

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