Which App Are You?

Which App Are You?


Whether you're a decorator, or designer, Dulux Trade has a suite of professional tools designed to help you at every stage of your project. Each of our apps is packed with innovative functions and were created to meet different needs of the professional. Get the most out of our tools by ensuring you download the one that's best suited to your needs.


**Dulux Trade Expert app for professional decorators**

Best for: Professional decorators who want colour and product assurance at their fingertips

Key features:


Our unique Visualizer tool within the Dulux Trade Expert app shows customers exactly how their chosen colours will look on their wall in real time at the touch of a screen. The virtually painted room can be saved as an image, allowing clients to compare different colour options. The advanced augmented reality technology makes it easier for your customers to be more confident with colour. Cutting out guesswork and costly delays, it means you can get on with the painting faster.

Colour picker

Ever had a customer who desperately wanted a scheme to go with their sofa, carpet or even a favourite picture? This app can help. Start by taking a photograph of the object - from your customer's upholstery to their favourite flower. The app will instantly match to the nearest Dulux shade and suggest ready-made colour schemes based on it, so you'll be able to offer customers colour guidance as well as decorating know-how with assurance. It also integrates with the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor for even more accurate matches. 

Alternatively just browse through the Dulux Trade colour ranges.

Essential information

The app also helps with the little details that make day-to-day tasks a breeze. For example, it can help you find the nearest stockists, find the latest information and product details, scan barcodes for information, inspire you with tips and techniques and keep you up to speed on professional decorator news.

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**Dulux Trade Paint Expert for Interior Designers**


Best for: Exploring colour schemes, creating electronic moodboards and presenting designs to your clients

Key features:

Colour picker

Browse through Dulux Trade colour collections or enter a colour reference from your customer's brief. Alternatively, start with an inspirational photograph, or an image of a wallpaper or fabric you wish to use, and the app's colour picker will allow you to discover the closest Dulux shade to any element of that image and can also offer a selection of co-ordinating colours. Your colour palette can be saved to come back to at a later date or used as a start point for a complete design moodboard. You can even order A8 colour samples direct from the app.

Moodboard creator

Create customised digital moodboards for each of your projects, bringing in imagery of all the relevant elements, combined with your chosen Dulux colours; you can even add text and customise the background to bring your scheme to life in a coherent and professional way. Then present your vision to your clients as a project or even as pdf or jpeg.

Click here to find out more and download it to your tablet.

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