Take a tougher approach with Diamond

Take a tougher approach with Diamond



With the durable Dulux Trade Diamond range, spills and marks wipe away, making it the ideal product for even the busiest of commercial spaces. Developed to stand up to scrubbing, scuffs and stains, discover how the Diamond range can benefit both your business and your client.

Perfect for even the toughest of environments, the Dulux Trade Diamond products contain a unique hard wearing formula. As a result, surfaces can be repeatedly cleaned without fear of damage. This scrub resistance can withstand up to 10,000 scrub cycles so you can deliver a quality finish that looks great for longer!

Your clients will find they're needing to clean the surfaces less often, as the Diamond range offers excellent resistance to marks, scuffs and other damage - ideal for busy commercial areas.

Both Diamond Matt and Diamond Eggshell also contain stain repellent technology - a formula unique to the Diamond range. This technology causes stains to actively bead on impact with a surface, meaning less contact time and therefore, ease of cleaning and happier clients!

Each product in this range delivers outstanding performance but, for the most demanding high traffic areas, consider Diamond High Performance Eggshell. This product is 43% more durable than standard Diamond Eggshell so can withstand even the most hectic of commercial spaces.

The superior durability delivered by each product in this range provides your clients with a longer lasting finish, extending the maintenance cycle. Not only will this save them time and lower costs, but it will also reduce the environmental impact of redecorating - a clear selling point for any organisation looking to enhance their sustainability.

The Dulux Trade Diamond range is available in thousands of colours so you and your specifiers won't need to compromise on stunning interiors to achieve these long lasting results.



Download the Dulux Trade Diamond guide for more information and start delivering long-term benefits for your clients now.

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