Sports Centre Gets the Dulux Trade Treatment

Sports Centre Gets the Dulux Trade Treatment


An important facility for the local community in Peterborough, the Lucozade Power Centre hosts five-a-side football matches and also has a bar and function area for visitors. The reception desk, which is predominantly wood finished, was deteriorating and required urgent maintenance in order to restore it to its former glory.

The desk needed a varnish glaze that could stand up to the high level of surface wear, as frequent usage from staff and customers made the reception one of the busiest areas in the centre. Being the first place seen by guests upon arrival, it was also crucial that the reception desk was finished to a professional standard in order to make a good impression.

Self-employed decorator, Robert Alexander, used Dulux Trade Woodcare's Diamond Glaze Varnish to help revive the reception area and was impressed with the results; 'The high gloss finish was perfect for the job required. The surface of the reception desk was looking faded and forlorn, so I chose Diamond Glaze, which not only greatly enhanced the natural appearance of the wood, but will also protect it in the long run too since it's much tougher than other varnishes available.'

'I only needed to apply three coats to get the desk looking great again,' Robert continues. 'What's more, I was able to complete the job very quickly, as it dried so fast. In the end, you wouldn't know the difference between Diamond Glaze or an oil finish, it looked so good - customers thought there had been a new reception desk installed!'

Ruth van Rensburg, General Manager of the centre, said: 'The reception desk has now been restored to its natural colour and looks like new. It's much easier to clean now, and it's resistant to staining too. It's fair to say that, with 200 customers coming through our doors every day, the reception area definitely creates a more positive first impression now.'

Up to ten times tougher than conventional varnishes, Dulux Trade's Diamond Glaze is a simple one-product system that is ideal for use on high wear interiors such as work surfaces and floors, as its performance is outstanding in busy interior pedestrian and public environments. Available in clear gloss and satin finishes - as well as a range of wood shades and designer colours - it's formulated to maximise durability and optimise aesthetic effect with its beautiful clear finish. As a water-borne system, it's also quick drying, allowing for re-coating in two to four hours - saving time for both you and your clients.

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