Seven reminders for our members



Don't forget to...

1 - Send us your Public Liability when you come to renew your membership. If we do not receive your Public Liability, we cannot approve your membership renewal.

2 - Contact the Dulux Select Decorators office if you have a change in details, including telephone, email, address and website address. If you don't, you may miss out on vital and beneficial communications.

3 - Follow us on Twitter – you can find and follow us @duluxselectdecs. Tweet us and fellow members with your work, reviews or even just a daily update! We also tweet the very latest news from the scheme, so you stay up-to-date.

4 - Use the Bonusbond entry as an incentive to get feedback from your customers. You will notice there is a monthly Bonusbond prize entry at the bottom of the Customer Feedback form, highlight this to the customer before leaving a job. Remember customers will look for positive reviews on the Dulux website when choosing their decorator.

5 - Have your employees assessed – it's free and they can learn new skills by attending the Dulux Training courses, which are also free of charge.

6 - Check out the Dulux Training courses on the Dulux Trade Paint Expert website. Whilst we try and add new dates throughout the year, places soon disappear, so book your place on one of our courses, which include Fine Finish Repairs, Woodcare and Spray Painting.

7 - Take advantage of the early renewal discount. If you renew within 15 days of receiving the renewal letter you will be eligible for a 5% discount. Please note this discount does not apply to Fellows of the scheme, as the membership fee is already discounted.

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