Radical thinking in colour and design

Radical thinking in colour and design


With a wealth of experience of leveraging the transformative power of colour, Dulux welcomed the opportunity to collaborate with the Building Research Establishment (BRE) - the world's leading building science centre and other specialists in this unique healthcare project. The 'dementia-friendly demonstration home' showcases radical thinking in colour research and design principles, to transform the lives of those living at home with dementia and their carers.

Following these principles backed by evidence based, optimised colour solutions allows building owners and design specifiers to extract greater value from new construction or refurbishment projects within the healthcare environment and beyond.


Dulux's experience in the transformative power of colour


Unlocking the power of colour beyond pure aesthetics is a journey we at Dulux have been on for many years. The ongoing Dulux Smarter Spaces Education campaign has showcased the ability for colour and design to transform learning environments and have a positive impact on learning outcomes.




Building on this occupant-centric design approach, the P22 Healthcare Colour Palette outlines wall coating and flooring combinations, and in 2017 this thinking delivered Dulux solus paint supplier status for new hospital construction in the UK under the P22 Construction Procurement Framework. These palettes provide a repeatable model for optimised healthcare environments that promote enhanced wellbeing outcomes for both patients and staff. Access these palettes here.


The Dementia Friendly Home - Chris and Sally's House


With one person every three minutes developing dementia in the UK and one in four patients in acute hospitals living with dementia* it is recognised that this growing global health trend requires a radical change in thinking. As part of their Smarter Spaces campaign, in December 2017 Dulux were delighted to collaborate with BRE and other partners on two-year project, showcasing the optimal domestic environment for dementia care.

"When the outline of the project came to us it became apparent that we have really similar values to BRE. In terms of our mission at Dulux it's all about adding colour to people's lives and the impact that can have on people's wellbeing." Kathryn Ledson, Dulux Marketing Director UK and Ireland*

This real-life 'dementia-friendly demonstration home' is based on the profile persona identified as 'Chris & Sally' created by Loughborough University and demonstrates how forward-thinking design solutions can enable them to live in their own home well, safely and remain independent for longer. Dulux brought actionable insights to the project, based on a wealth of knowledge in colour, light and design and how that comes together to make a difference in people's lives. Working in collaboration with BRE and other partners enhanced the overall output to deliver a safer and more comfortable home for family, friends and carers.


Build optimised evidence-based colour and design solutions into your projects without adding cost for your clients


Enabling us all to continue to thrive and maintain our independence at whatever stage of life, requires a fresh look at interior spaces and building design. AkzoNobel are working alongside like-minded partners on initiatives that help developers, property managers and building owners to fulfil their building's potential to maximise look, feel, function, sustainability and inclusivity. We believe that considered, well executed colour application within design promotes enhanced wellbeing and productivity, and we encourage adoption of inclusive design by our partners and clients. Also, click here to find out more about how our new evidence-based Healthcare Colour Palettes, developed for Procure 22, makes specifying appropriate hospital colour schemes a little easier.

*Source: Dementia UK update: 2nd Edition Nov 2014

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