Product spotlight: Dulux Trade Quick Dry Woodstain

Product spotlight: Dulux Trade Quick Dry Woodstain


Summer's here, so it's time to prepare for outdoor woodwork jobs. Getting up to speed on water-based products will help you bring value for money and a quality finish to your clients' outdoor spaces and will set you up for a summer of excellence. A good all-rounder such as Dulux Quick Dry Woodstain is a must in your kit. Here's why:

Lower VOCs

Compared to traditional solvent-borne coatings, Quick Dry Woodstain uses less organic solvent, which means it has a much lower odour and lower VOCs. It's more pleasant for you to use (particularly when ventilation is limited), your clients can start enjoying their space sooner, and it's better for the environment.

Touch dry time

Dulux Trade Quick dry Woodstain has a touch dry time of around one hour, compared to four to six hours of a solvent-based stain. This means surfaces can be re-coated the same day, rather than waiting overnight, reducing down-time and ensuring the job can be completed more quickly - the minimum time for two coats using Quick Dry Woodstain is just three hours, compared to 24 hours for a solvent-based product. This time saving will help you keep costs down for your clients too.

Easier clean-up

Using a water-based woodstain means brushes and tools can easily washed out in water at the end of the day rather than using white spirit (which contains VOCs) or expensive brush cleaner.

Choice of shades

Dulux Trade Quick Dry Woodstain comes in 21 natural wood shades, so you’ll be able to find the right hue for your clients' needs.

Disguising imperfections

If the wood you're treating has imperfections that need covering up, Dulux Trade Quick Dry Woodstain has better coverage than a solvent-based alternative, so can disguise knots and marks.


Quick Dry Woodstain lasts up to 10 years, the same length of time as solvent-based stains have been assessed to last.

Don't forget!

If treating new wood, you'll need to apply two coats of Dulux Trade Quick Dry Wood Primer Undercoat first.

Find out more about Dulux Trade Quick Dry Woodstain and view the colour whole colour range.

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