More great feedback from Digital Murals and Feature Walls course

More great feedback from Digital Murals and Feature Walls course



Even if you have been in the industry a long time, there are always new skills to learn. Dulux Academy's Digital Murals and Feature Walls course is increasingly popular thanks to an increase in demand for murals and one-piece wallpaper.

The one-day course is designed both as a refresher for seasoned professionals and as an introduction to these innovative methods. Gary Rackley is a decorator with almost 30 years' experience and recently attended the Digital Murals and Feature Walls course. Gary says:

"I've come on the course today because new things are coming on the market now and at some point I'm going to be asked to do it. It's like a trend, isn't it? It's something I want to get into more. The course is really good - already thinking of doing the advance papering one! I'd recommend very highly."

The morning session focuses on wall preparation, how decorators line a wall and the different types of paste available.


The practical afternoon session is split into four sessions:

  • Patterned vinyl wallpaper to create a feature wall
  • A low cost four-piece mural
  • A three-piece mural
  • A Vista Digital one-piece wall mural

Once the practical work is completed, attendees are given the opportunity to reflect on the way they have installed the feature wall. Successfully completing the course also allows trade professionals to become accredited Vista Digital mural installers.


Keith Pomroy has been in the industry for 42 years and believes that however experienced you are, there are always new skills to learn. Keith says:

"While I've been in the trade 40 odd years I'm learning little bits. There is stuff to be learnt throughout your working life. You don't need to say you've done all of it and you've learnt all of it. So, for me, there's always something to learn. And not get too stressed while you're doing this."

The Digital Murals and Feature Walls course is delivered over one day. The course fee includes all materials and full hospitality during the day including a breakfast on arrival.

To find out more about this course and to book your place, head to the Dulux Academy website.

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