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Inspiring your customers in their next room makeover

Choosing a colour scheme is often the hardest part of any interior project for your clients. With literally thousands of colours on offer, it can be seriously overwhelming for some.

This can be frustrating for both your customers and yourself - we all know that sinking feeling of seeing a colour go on a wall that won’t achieve a great result. But, by getting involved early on, you can help guide your customers through their decision making process and save yourself any headaches further down the road.

We’ve put together a range of tips to help you add value and inspire your customers in their choices.

Visualiser App

The Dulux Visualizer App

Don’t worry, you don’t need to scour copies of Elle Décor or Ideal Home to be helpful. It’s just about offering your customers the right tools to simplify their decision process.

The Dulux Visualizer App can help you and your clients make the right choices together without having to apply a single drop of paint. The easy to use app uses augmented reality technology to instantly see any Dulux Trade colour on the walls of your customers home with just a tap of the screen. This takes out any element of guesswork or having to try multiple paint swatches on the walls. Instead you can get on with the job of decorating quickly, without costly delays.

Visualiser App

Another useful feature of the app is its Colour Picker technology. This lets your clients take inspiration from the world around them. The app can show them the closest Dulux colour match to anywhere you point your device’s camera then recommend complementary colour schemes.

Once the app has helped your clients reach a considered and confident choice, it’s over to you to check over the technical product advice. The app puts it all at your fingertips so you can manage everything efficiently and find the nearest Dulux Trade stockist.

Simply download the app to your Android or iOS device to get started today.

Dulux Trade Colour Sensor

The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor

The Dulux Trade Colour Sensor is an indispensable piece of kit for professional decorators.

The cutting-edge device weighs only 17 grams, and will give you the power to make colour recommendations to clients on the spot. The device works by scanning for the desired colour - whether it be a favourite item of clothing, a cushion, or a picture from an interior design magazine - and showing the closest Dulux Trade paint match on the Dulux Trade Colour Sensor app, which can be downloaded free to a phone or tablet. It’s that simple.

Pick a palette

Knowing the basics of colour and design can also go a long way for helping your customers create stylish schemes they love. The most fundamental of these is colour palettes.

By building a cohesive palette around a central colour, you can create a complementary colour scheme that can work across rooms with different purposes.

Tranquil DawnTM is neutral enough to work on large surfaces in a bedroom but stand-out enough for smaller accents elsewhere. Complement with another crisp neutral such as White Mist on trim - a painted headboard is a great idea for a bedroom - and use different ratios between your customers chosen colours in each room elsewhere.

Centring a colour palette around a classic shade will grow with evolving styles. First Dawn, Willow Tree and Soft Peach are versatile colours that will last for years and provide a timeless backdrop to any number of spaces in the home.

Brave Ground

Ready made palettes...

If you want a perfect starting point, you can share our Dulux ColourFuturesTM palettes with your customers.

Everyone’s tastes are different and you can’t be expected to know exactly what each customer wants, but with palettes curated by Dulux trend experts, you can offer a selection of complementary colours that are designed to work together in any room.

The Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 Brave GroundTM comes with four different easy-to-use palettes, so there will be a colour combination and style to suit every taste. And to help you showcase the colours to customers, download our handy Dulux Colour of the Year Decorator Guide.

Combine your colours

There’s a tendency to overlook colour in the bathroom and stick to classic whites and creams. But this space can be given an instant hit of style to wow a customer by being that little bit more adventurous.

A luxurious, contemporary look can be achieved with intense bolds like Teal Touch or Stonewashed Blue; while nature-inspired pastels such as Delicate Veil or Willow Tree are understated but impactful.

Despite what people think, small rooms benefit from being bold. Don’t be afraid of complementing shady hues with similarly dark tones – you can always recommend customers add light and bright accessories to lift aspects of the space.

Colour Expert

Become a colour expert

If you want to take your colour expertise to the next level, check out the colour courses available at Dulux Academy.

Here you’ll find practical courses on a range of subjects that can help you create inspirational paint schemes to perfectly suit your clients brief and learn how to apply contemporary decorating paint techniques.

Learning with Dulux Academy is always hands-on and engaging. The learning environments designed to maximise your experience. Theory sessions take place in classroom-style rooms where you will be encouraged to share best practice with peers as well as take part in learning activities, where you can roll up your sleeves and put your new knowledge and skills to the test.

By being able to present the informed suggestions, you can add value and present yourself as the expert. This can be valuable for both winning new business and upselling.