Importance of getting your employees assessed

Importance of getting your employees assessed


We would like to reiterate that as a benefit of your membership there is no additional cost for employees operating under your membership or having them assessed by us.


Why do employees need to be assessed?


As a requirement, all employees must be assessed by the scheme and approved by ICI Paints AkzoNobel. It is stipulated in the "Membership Rules" terms and conditions, that a decorator Sub-contractor working in excess of 30 days per calendar year for a Dulux Select Decorator member, must be treated as an employee of the member.

Failure to observe will result in the Dulux Guarantee becoming void, whereby the member will be solely liable. As indicated in the Dulux Guarantee terms and conditions; all work is to be carried out by a member, any of its registered employees or a supervised apprentice.


Getting your employees assessed


If you have any current or new employees that need to be assessed by us, please contact the Dulux Select Decorators office on 0333 222 70 22.

We will arrange for the independent assessor to view your employees work and organise for the paperwork to be sent out to all parties. Our assessors will continuously aim to work around your time constraints, making the whole process as undisruptive as possible. The aim is to make the assessment process quick and easy, from start to finish.

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