Going Paper-Free: How to Go Contactless With Your Customers

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To stay safe in the new normal, you’ll need to get comfortable quoting remotely and taking contactless payments.

Taking Digital Payments


Invoicing remotely and taking payments online is a quick, simple and effective way to keep the cash flowing easily and reduce contact with customers as there is less need for follow up visits to site.


Types of Digital Payment:


Payment Gateways: Encourage instant payments through secure websites like Stripe and Paypal using a debit or credit card (but factor in the small transaction fees). 


Pay By Link: Use Worldpay and PayPal to send a direct payment link to your clients via email, SMS or WhatsApp. 


Integrated Payments: Quickly and easily set-up your accounting software to take payments directly if it has the capability (and it’s cost-effective).


BACS Transfers: Simply provide payment details on your invoices and let your customers pay directly into your business’ bank account via BACS. 


Ask your customers what they prefer. If everyone you work with is comfortable with a BACS payment via their mobile banking app, there’s no need for you to spend money on a payment gateway.

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