Get to know the Select team


Name: Si Elliott


Where do you hail from?



What is your career/work background?

Working in a marketing agency.


How long have you been working at AkzoNobel for?

About 12 years.


What is your role within the Dulux Select Decorators team?

Operations Manager, working with both the customer service team and also supporting marketing aspects of Select.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I'm slowly trying to build my own house, whilst having 2 young kids to keep me deprived of sleep! I've also got horses, so like to spend as much time outside when I'm not working! Far away from a monitor and spreadsheet.


Interesting fact about yourself?

I once trained in America as a bull rider.


What would your last ever meal be?



Who is your favourite band/artist?

The Killers

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