Dulux Trade water-based products get makeover



Over the last three years, Dulux Trade has seen accelerated growth in the use of water-borne products. Our aim is to achieve 50% sales in water-based wood and metal products by 2020 - and you can help us achieve this target. Water-borne paints offer many advantages to your business, from helping you achieve your clients' sustainability ambitions to getting projects completed more quickly. Now, we've redesigned the packaging on all our water-based products to make them more easily identifiable.



The advantages of water-based paints


Water-based products offer a range of advantages to your business. These include:


  • Quick drying, so you can get two coats done in one day
  • Low odour
  • Non-yellowing, giving a longer-lasting whiteness
  • Brushes are easier to clean
  • Better for the environment than solvent-based products


Using these water-based products means that the end user is still getting all of the benefits, and you can be confident of a quality finish. Also, you have the ability to apply two coats in one day, meaning you are able to move on to your next job quicker than before.



New packaging for water-based products coming in October 2018


From October 2018 the packaging for all our water-based products will be refreshed to make them easier to identify. Look out for the updated colour banding and the new 'Water based' tap icon, as well as new messaging on key product features.

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