Dulux Trade Scuffshield Creates Fine Dining Makeover

Transforming a run-down pub into a sleek, modern restaurant and bar was made all the easier with the latest Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt. With its unique formulation and ultimate Scuff Resistant Technology, it’s perfect for maintaining that crisp, just painted look for longer.


Decorating contractors PA Schofield Ltd highlighted not only the ease of application, but also gave it the seal of approval in regards to flashing, saving valuable time on the project at the Capri restaurant in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

Paul Schofield Managing director of PA Schofield Ltd explained:

“New Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt is a great product that really works. It has really good application and absolutely no flashing at all. The clients are over the moon with the finish and durability of the product, and so are we. We will use it again without question.”

As director of PA Schofield Ltd, based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, Paul was given complete responsibility for conceiving and implementing all design decisions.

Paul was brought in at the start of the project to transform the forlorn Thirsty Man pub into a high-end restaurant with a modern feel.

For his starting point, Paul paired statement wallpapers with contemporary floor finishes.

He complimented the wallpaper through a colour scheme that combined colours such as Coyote Grey, Perfectly Taupe and Winter Avenue.

Ceilings were painted in Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt, while Dulux Trade Satinwood was used on the trim and Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt on the walls, along with Dulux Trade Diamond Matt in some areas.

Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt is an ultra-tough formulation, designed to cope with the scuffs and everyday wear and tear of busy commercial spaces.

Paul was provided with a supply of the newly developed Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt to trial by his local Dulux Decorator Centre in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

And he identified a number of benefits from using it on the project, explaining:

"It flowed really well on rollers and brushes and left an excellent finish overall."

"And there was no flashing or colour difference from roller to cutting in."

"It’s really brilliant for touching in, too. We’d often have to redo entire walls as spots we’d touched in stood out like a sore thumb, but there was none of that with the new Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt."

Paul was supported on the project by Lee Crossland, Leeds and Yorkshire Technical Support Manager for Dulux Decorator Centre 360.

Lee said:

"I’d heard PA Schofields was about to start work on the high-end restaurant conversion so got in contact with Paul to let him know about our new product that would be perfect for him.
I talked Paul through the benefits of Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt and that the appearance of the finish would be an ideal fit for the design he was looking to achieve, while explaining how the improved durability would allow the restaurant to look better for longer.
PA Schofields also undertakes decorating works for many high-class projects throughout the country and specifically the London area, which could all benefit from using Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt."

The project saw the client completely gut the property and undertake extensive building work, including an extension. An upstairs function room was also created alongside an outside dining and drinking area.

From start to finish the process took 18 months.

On the design of the project Paul explained:

"We didn’t want to do anything run-of- the-mill. We tried to make this different from anywhere else.
Before our client bought it - it was just a tatty old pub that hadn’t been renovated for ages.
Our brief was to give it a thoroughly modern feel. We started with the wallpapers and the floor finishes and took it from there."

Since the current Coronavirus restrictions have come into force, the restaurant has been open for take-away business only.

And Paul has been checking in to see how the Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt has been performing.

He added:

"The clients are very happy that the paint cleaned easily without removing the paint from the plaster substrate.
I’m really glad Lee got in contact and offered us the chance to try the Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt. It was perfect for the job."

Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt

Protect walls in high-traffic spaces with new Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt. Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt is a tough, water-based matt emulsion paint that contains ultimate scuff resistant technology. It is designed to protect walls against scuff marks being left behind from items such as shoes and bags, to help keep walls looking good for longer. It is also cleanable and offers good stain resistance. Dulux Trade Scuffshield Matt is perfect for use in high traffic areas such as corridors, stairwells and hallways, and busy commercial spaces.

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