Dulux Trade Diamond Matt stands the test in latest Dulux Trade Review Panel


The Dulux Trade Review Panel has been set up to gain insights and feedback directly from the painters and decorators who use Dulux Trade products on a daily basis as their 
experience and expertise is invaluable as we continue to create the high quality paints for all their needs. 

Twenty five professionals recently tried Dulux Trade Diamond Matt and shared their honest feedback. 


“Perfect paint flow” and “A fabulous finish” 

When we asked the professional painters on our Dulux Trade Review Panel what they thought of the Dulux Trade Diamond Matt application process, the reviews were extremely positive. 

  • Over two thirds were very satisfied with the ease of application 
  • All who responded were either very satisfied, satisfied or average 

One reviewer commented: 

“I found the flow of the paint perfect, this was so smooth to use and the opacity has blown me away.”

Those views on opacity - and the overall finish - were shared by other professionals too:

  • Over 90% were very satisfied or satisfied with Diamond Matt opacity 
  • Over 90% were very satisfied or satisfied with Diamond Matt’s overall finish
  • Over 90% were very satisfied or satisfied with Diamond Matt’s drying time 

Another commented: 

“Found this very easy to apply, went on smoothly and evenly, dried very well, and left a fabulous finish.” 

Changing opinions and definitely recommended

One of the key reasons why Dulux Trade Diamond Matt got such great reviews from the panel was its overall look and finish, which is down to the unique anti-fade properties and the Stain Repellent Technology found in the emulsion. 

Combined they protect colour pigments from damage and provide additional longevity, preventing stains and scuffs from damaging the painted surface, making cleaning easier, and withstanding daily wear and tear. 

It’s why we had multiple responses from our professionals about how durable Dulux Trade Diamond Matt is, including one who used Dulux Trade Diamond products in a client’s house with children and pets over a year ago:

“The paintwork still looks like new. Any marks have been easily removed and it can be given a good scrub”. 

  • 100% of respondents would recommend Dulux Trade Diamond Matt 
  • Over half would choose it over other interior wall products
  • Two thirds said it changed their opinion of the Dulux Trade Diamond range

A big thank you to all the professional painters and decorators who took part in our Dulux Trade Review Panel. 
Find out more about Dulux Trade Diamond Matt here
 and join the Dulux Trade Review Panel here.

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