It’s not everyday that we get to celebrate a customer turning 145. 


That’s why Dulux Trade is delighted to have, for the first time, used our colour match technology to create a brand new colour to honour one of our longest-standing customers after it reached a milestone anniversary in 2020. 


Dulux Trade colour matching technology enabled us to match, create and present the bespoke Baroque Blue to Bagnalls Group, a family-owned national painting and decorating contractor based in Shipley, Yorkshire, which has worked alongside Dulux for more than 90 years. 


The cutting-edge technology, developed to redefine the way colour is created, provides faster, more accurate and more consistent colours across a range of products.


Using a unique system, Dulux Trade paints can now be mixed into a one-of-a-kind colour that can then be named and stored, allowing decorators to return to store and re-tint the exact colour in any product for years to come from the one single scan.


Established in 1875 by Alfred Bagnall - the great-great-grandfather of current Group Managing Director Stephen Bagnall - Bagnalls started trading with Dulux in the 1930s. 


One of Bagnalls’ first use of Dulux paint was for the newly-built factory for pharmacy chain Boots in Beeston, Nottinghamshire in 1932.


As a fifth generation business, born and bred in West Yorkshire, the business is proud of its heritage and is committed to helping the wider community. Bagnalls encapsulates all the values that we value at Dulux - offering great quality, good value and giving back to society. 


Bagnalls has said they are hoping to put the paint to good use in the community, such as using the paint for a community scheme or donating some to charitable causes.


We came up with the idea of creating a personalised, bespoke colour for Bagnalls after the coronavirus pandemic unfortunately thwarted plans to celebrate its milestone anniversary at its headquarters last year. 


Bagnalls selected the blue from their company logo, which we then colour matched the exact shade, before a sample tin of paint was created and handed to them alongside a virtual presentation. They chose to name the colour Baroque Blue to reflect and honour our decades-long partnership. 


Nick Halton, National Contractor Manager for Dulux Trade, said: “We are delighted to have been able to give the gift of a brand new colour to Bagnalls. 


“Bagnalls embodies all the values that are important to Dulux. They’re focused on providing great quality products and, as a family-owned and family-run business, are committed to the wider community and society.


“While it was a shame we weren’t able to celebrate with Bagnalls in person, we’re proud to have been able to give such a unique gift to an immensely valued customer, allowing them to get Baroque Blue mixed any time they want to use it on a project.”


Bagnalls has said they are hoping to put the paint to good use in the community, such as using the paint for a community scheme or donating some to charitable causes. 


Joanne Gualda, Bagnalls Group Marketing Director, said: “Bagnalls have been around for 145 years so we were pioneers in a lot of things in the painting industry, including one of the companies who first used Dulux.


“Our relationship with Dulux Trade continues to strengthen and we often get together to test newly developed products, review innovation in the painting industry and consider long-term sustainable solutions.


“So we're thrilled that Dulux has named a bespoke paint in our honour, but we’re also very proud of our own heritage and the partnership between us both.”


For more information on Dulux Trade Colour Matching watch the video below.

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