Tony Jinks was always an avid watcher of DIY SOS so when his local media requested trades for an upcoming build in his area, he jumped at the chance to get involved.

Since then, Tony has developed quite a habit of volunteering his services and has now completed a commendable 7 projects with the programme. This was brought to our attention by fellow Select member, Mark McMahon, who thought it was time his generous efforts were celebrated:

"Tony is a great and selfless decorator who has completed multiple DIY SOS refurbs and he goes in after the cameras have gone sometimes till 2am. Very commendable for the charity work he completes!"

As is the case with DIY SOS, all of the 7 projects Tony has worked on have been unique but each incredibly deserving in their own right. Often supporting families or veterans in need and always making a life changing difference.

Another constant throughout each of the projects was the need to work alongside countless other trades, large film crews and to incredibly tight deadlines. Something which at times means working 15 hour days. Although this makes for a very challenging working environment, Tony explained it was something he's quickly adjusted to:

"Having the crew and cameras around took a bit of getting used to but we soon became accustomed to it and took it in our stride. They filmed above and beyond what was needed so it could be edited down to a one hour programme and in the end the finished programme was both emotional and rewarding."

Many of the projects Tony has been involved in have been around his local area with one just 500 yards away. This has meant he's been able to develop a friendship with the family involved and has the joy of regularly seeing the life changing impact his work has had as they continue to thrive.

Unsurprisingly, Tony is very quick to recommend volunteering with DIY SOS to anyone considering: "I would say just go for it. It's really intense and hard work but the most inspirational site I've ever had the honour to work. I have made some great friends and contacts from it. You'll eat some great food, have some amazing laughs, and meet some great people. So all in all, it's definitely been a life changing experience for me without a doubt."

If like Tony you generously do your bit to support those in need, or know a fellow Select member who does, we would love to hear from you! Share your story via email at Duluxselectdecorators@diversity.agency or give us a call on 0333 222 7022.

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