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Everything you need to know about 2018's colour trends

A couple of months ago we revealed that the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2018 was Heart Wood. Heart Wood, along with its associated trends, have been created to ensure daily environments can become places of calm, where noise can be turned down.

Colour is an essential tool in creating a welcoming environment, and so we look at this year's ColourFutures trends across four different 'spaces'.

Balance is key in the Heart Wood Space

The 2018 Colour of the Year is Heart Wood; a name inspired by the warmth of wood and the tactile comfort of leather.

The Heart Wood space is designed to showcase a place where people can feel connected to nature, yet be reassured by the certainty of safe surroundings.

Within this concept, balance is key and the palette reflects this versatility. Soft cocoa flows into bolder shades such as ink blue and purple, all complementing the smoky warm Heart Wood with its hint of heather.

Create warmth in the Comforting Space

While the Heart Wood space is designed to create a safe and reassuring space, the Comforting palette is even more about shutting out noise and creating restorative rooms.

Designed to radiate warmth, the Comforting Space pairs the Colour of the Year with heritage shades such as terracotta and antique gold. The palette is perfect for accompanying rich textures such as wood, leather and velvet, and when paired with lighter tones it creates an energising scheme that is perfect for public spaces.

The Inviting Space is perfect for spaces where people gather

If you're looking for a palette which is well-suited for offices, work-related spaces and healthcare facilities then the Inviting Space offers an easy use of colour.

Cool shades of blue are paired with easy-going neutrals to encourage a clear-headed approach to life, while Heart Wood works as a subtle contrast at the centre.

This palette can help you define the purpose of a room, or signal a transition to a different area. It's the perfect choice for any interior with lots of natural materials.

Create a cheery environment with the Playful Space

The Playful palette turns any space into an invigorating and cheerful environment, drawing Heart Wood into sunny and warm territory. Pops of colour add fun and energy, while yellows, greens and golds help encourage a creative approach and bring out a happy, floral undercurrent. This palette is ideal for spaces in the leisure industry and school buildings.

Stay at the cutting edge

If you're looking to stay at the cutting edge of colour trends, our Dulux Academy courses can help. We host a range of colour and design courses including one dedicated to Colour Futures.

Find out more at the Dulux Academy website.

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