Developing your colour confidence

Developing your colour confidence


Developing your colour confidence

Understanding how colour works is crucial to brilliant design. Considering how important colour is to the Dulux brand, it's no surprise that we offer a range of courses specialising in the science, theory, and application of colour.

A deep knowledge of colour can be a huge asset to your business. It allows you to really understand a customer's needs, provide high quality advice, and ensure you're up to date with all the latest trends. Keep reading for more information about the range of colour courses you can choose from at the Dulux Academy.


How colour scheming can help your business


Knowing about the science and application of colour can have a positive impact on your business. At the Dulux Academy, our courses are designed to help you learn key design principles and to develop your confidence with colour.

Our two-day 'Designing Beautiful Living Spaces' course offers in-depth modules on colour scheming, colour and light, colour science, and decorating techniques. It helps you to identify a wide range of colour schemes and how to create them, meaning you can present decorating schemes to a customer with confidence. If you really want to add value to your business, then 'Presenting Colour to Customers' is perfect. This one-day session covers the skills needed to create and present great colour schemes to a wide range of customers from homeowners to big commercial clients.

You will learn how to explain colour trends, develop digital and physical presentation techniques, and explain colour scheming, language and groups. Having attended the course, you'll be able to create and present amazing colour schemes to a range of customers, increasing your business potential.


Colour courses for residential and commercial projects


Colour is also an important consideration in commercial projects and our 'Sector Specific Schemes' course is a great introduction to the use of colour in range of industries. Delegates who have attended this course have good knowledge of:

  • Specific colour and design needs within sectors such as education, social housing and hospitality
  • The Dulux Trade offering for each sector
  • How they can use Dulux Trade to create inspiring environments for buildings in different industry sectors.

Our choice of courses helps you to specify colour for residential and commercial projects, develop your knowledge and increase your business potential in the area of colour and design advice. From courses which deal with the basic principles of colour theory, to advanced courses in colour and history, the content is designed to support your business.

A broad knowledge of colour and design is a powerful business tool. Explore the range of colour courses at the Dulux Academy today.

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