Delivering results when it Matters

Delivering results when it Matters



Are you looking for consistently brilliant results? If so, our upgraded Vinyl Matt delivers improved performance.


Giving you a smooth flow for effortless application, and a high-quality finish, our brand-new Vinyl Matt is designed to meet the demand of today's professionals. Keep reading to find out why it's better than ever.


Easy application and a smooth finish


When it comes to your client, we understand that the finish is everything. So, we've significantly invested in product performance to produce a Vinyl Matt that delivers every time.

Decorators are under increasing time pressure, resulting in demand for a paint that will perform straight from the tin without the need to thin. The new Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt has an improved in-can consistency that can be applied with or without thinning for impressive results.

The new formulation has a smooth flow for easy application and the benefit of reduced fly-off for a more enjoyable and efficient decorating process. Suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces, the formulation offers great colour retention and, as a low sheen matt, it is ideally suited to covering imperfections for a consistently brilliant finish.

With a coverage rate of up to 17m2/l, the new Vinyl Matt formulation also continues to deliver the excellent opacity and coverage that Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt is known for.


Get your hands on Vinyl Matt now


Our new Vinyl Matt is widely stocked in trade merchants across the UK, and so you won't struggle to find it. It's available in a range of colours including Colour Palette and BS colours and so you'll always find the right choice for your project.

To find out more, visit Dulux Trade Paint Expert to discover new Vinyl Matt.

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