Anti-Bacterial Dulux Trade Sterishield Transforms Hospital In Single Day

Areas across Royal Gwent hospital were transformed in a single day thanks to the quick-drying properties of the Dulux Trade Sterishield range.   


Aneurin Bevan NHS Trust required a hard-wearing anti-bacterial paint for the makeover at Royal Gwent Hospital, which had to be completed within the strict timescale to ensure minimum disruption to patients.

In order to meet both criteria Dulux Trade specified Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond Eggshell, which is a quick drying, water-based paint containing an in-film bactericide, which inhibits bacteria and reduces populations of MRSA and E. coli.

When combined with appropriate cleaning practices, Sterishield Diamond Eggshell from Dulux Trade helps to promote a more hygienic environment. It is a tough, washable, durable, mid-sheen emulsion and is suitable for all normal interior wall and ceiling surfaces.

In order to further transform areas across the hospital, the Dulux Trade specification team created a dedicated colour palette to aid wayfinding, assigning a distinctive shade to each floor level.


The project saw Dulux Trade Sterishield Diamond Eggshell used in the A&E Department and Dental Unit at Caldicot, with Dulux Trade Soft Sheen used in the lift and entrance lobby.

The highly durable Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell was used in the Children’s Assessment Unit to extend the maintenance cycle in an area where the walls could be highly susceptible to damage.


Andrew Cleaver from Dulux Trade commented:

"In transforming Royal Gwent hospital, we had to meet some very specific requirements - of coating the walls in a hard-wearing anti-bacterial paint which could be applied in a single day.
Working with the trust’s painting team, we specified Dulux Trade Sterishield and are thrilled with the results.
The combination of the protection it offers against the growth of microorganisms and germs with its early re-coat properties made it the ideal solution for the Aneurin Bevan NHS Trust."

Biodex HB was also specified for use in the hospital’s operating theatre. It is a safe, non-leaching biostatic formulation that meets the needs of every hygiene-sensitive environment.

Totally non-toxic, non-leaching and non-tainting it is vapour permeable - allowing substrate moisture to escape.

Durable and low maintenance it is easy to maintain and refurbish, while its safe, water-based, low odour minimal VOC properties makes it easy to apply.

Within the healthcare sector it is suitable for use in a wide range of settings from category 1 operating rooms and aseptic rooms to category 2 food prep areas, category 3 corridors, category 5 wards and category 6 offices.


Aneurin Bevan NHS Trust Estates Manager Martin Platt commented:

"'Thanks for giving our decorating team the opportunity to transform some of our key spaces with Dulux Trade and to use the Biodex HB product in our operating theatre.
The products were all easy to apply and drying times were very quick. This was good as we were concerned about the small window of opportunity available to complete the redecoration of the hospital, particularly the theatre room.
The finishes had depth and left confidence that they would be ideal for withstanding our rigorous cleaning regimes. I look forward to monitoring the durability of the coatings during the next few months."
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