All Roads Lead To Pete Clark!

All Roads Lead To Pete Clark!


As the only Dulux Select Decorator operating on the Isle of Man, Peter Clark has continued to fly the flag for Dulux Select for over a decade!


Joining Dulux Select Decorators in 2006 Pete said, "I cannot express how much being a Select member has helped me with my decorating business. I have made so many friends and contacts over the last 10 years and get full support from the Dulux Select Decorators team." Overcoming a second operation in December 2016 Pete came back fighting; continuing to offer helpful advice within the Dulux Select Decorators Facebook group amongst other industry related groups and becoming highly respected amongst his fellow peers.

Studying his craft in the city of Nottingham, Pete eventually went on to achieve his teaching qualifications, becoming a teacher at the Isle of Man College for 16 years! "I saw a really big need for tradesmen in the decorating industry who could work to a quality finish on the Island, so I went back on the tools and have been operating for over 11 years now."

Not one to put limitations on his work capabilities, Pete said, "My customer base and work is quite varied and I have had the opportunity to work on homes worth millions!" Using the Dulux Select Decorators accreditation to his advantage, Pete states, "The Select membership gives me a professional edge and offering a guarantee for my work and the ability to use good branded products that deliver (from the AkzoNobel product range) helps me to win work when demand is slow." Being the only Select Decorator on the Isle of Man has definitely come in handy! Pete noted, "as I am the only member here, this has given me a very big advantage over pricing and keeping work to a high standard for many customers. It has been a very big benefit for my business and has made me successful."

Like many Select Decorators, Pete also enjoys a hobby in his spare time, "as many know, when I'm not Painting and Decorating, I'm either out sea fishing on my boat Elisha (named after my first Granddaughter) or game fishing for trout down at the reservoirs. Last year, I carp fished in Spain, went Tuna and Marlin fishing in Cuba and this year I am off to Norway!"

"It was a big decision to move out of England to a small island, but after 30 years it was the best thing I ever did and it is a beautiful place to live."

Pete definitely has luck on his side, as last month, after winning our #DSDselfie competition, Pete's customers went on to win our Select January bonusbond vouchers, for their customer feedback form on his recent project! Pete said, "It was only a small job but I treat every customer the same and give 110%. My customers have been putting my name around the village and I've had some nice feedback from their friends."

"For a lot of people, a decorator going into their home and decorating their rooms is a big event and getting to see their happy faces is why we do it." We are proud to have Pete as a valued member of the Select, continuing to represent the scheme in outstanding fashion, and we are glad he is making the most from his membership.

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