5 Ways To Make A Statement With Colourful Trim

5 Ways To Make A Statement With Colourful Trim


White is the go-to colour for trim in most homes, but this is all set to change as homeowners get increasingly adventurous and daring with their decorating schemes. Flick through any homes magazine or browse any interiors blog and you can't fail to notice there's a growing trend for turning woodwork and trim into a design statement by highlighting these architectural details through colour – after all, if you've got it, flaunt it. Here are five ways to bring wow-factor to your clients' homes.

Black magic


A crisp monochrome scheme is always a timeless choice. Black window frames and a black dado rail help to move the eye around the room and draw focus to the view outside. Adding a wide stripe of grey just below the dado helps to create the illusion of a higher ceiling and adds interest to the wall.

Child's play


Using your trim like extra wall space gives you even more surface area to play with. This kid's bedroom has incorporated the trim into the design of a wall mural for maximum impact.

Divide & conquer


Whether it's a neutral scheme or a bold one, framing a door or an arch with a contrasting shade is a smart trick for drawing the eye through a space and bringing two distinct areas together. This works even without trim - in fact, using a different shade where trim might have been frames the area just as effectively.

Step change


Areas of the home where clients pass through from space to space are ideal areas to try out statement trim effects. Stairways for example, can afford to sport a braver look as clients won't spend as much time here as in living spaces. Grey skirting and doors offer an on-trend look and is practical too, as they won't show the wear and tear as much as white. Add a bold flash of yellow to brighten up the scheme and add a touch of playfulness.

Bright idea


How about suggesting a pop of colour to a neutral room scheme? Using a bright colour for woodwork is a failsafe way to add interest to a room and frame the view your client loves, but it won't overwhelm the space either.

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