5 top tips for using social media to grow your business



If you want to learn how social media can help you to grow your business, there’s a Dulux Academy course for you.

The ‘Marketing with Social Media’ course is part of the Academy’s commitment to supporting decorators. The one-day course is packed with tips and hints and will show you how to use Facebook and other social media platforms to win new customers.

We asked the experts at the Dulux Academy to share some advice on how you can use social media for your business.


Dulux Academy’s top 5 social media tips

1. Identify who your customer is and build a pen portrait – right down to what age, gender and interests they have. This helps you to target your social media activity at the right people.

2. Think of how you add value to that person’s daily life. Can you solve problems they might have? If so, how would you communicate that without adopting a hard-sell approach?

3. Develop and post content that is going to engage and turn potential customers into paying ones.

4. Content dos – before and after pictures of your jobs help show off your skills, as do basic decorating tips for DIYers. Above all, be yourself and be engaging.

5. Content don’ts – don’t get too personal (i.e. steer away from politics); don’t post too much or you’ll risk spamming people, and handle any negative comments calmly and professionally.


If you’re a professional painter and decorator looking to build up a social media presence to grow your business, Dulux Academy’s ‘Marketing with Social Media’ one-day course is perfect.

Find out how to set up a social media presence that reflects your business and how to engage with your audience. You’ll also get a clear plan of action about how you can grow your community and win new business in the most time-effective way.

Visit http://academy.duluxtradepaintexpert.co.uk/ to find the nearest Dulux Academy courses near you, and to book.

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