Covid19 FAQ's

Covid19 FAQ's
Dulux guidance for the Trade on products and services during the current COVID-19 emergency.

For 90 years we have been working with our colleagues, suppliers and professional decorators to bring colour to people’s lives in communities throughout the UK. During these uncertain times, our primary concern is to help everyone to stay as safe as they possibly can. We are constantly monitoring and abiding by public health guidelines to ensure that everyone’s health and wellbeing remains at the heart of our daily operations. We wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to our colleagues for their dedication, and to you - our customers - for your understanding during these exceptional times that we’ve all been impacted by. For all decorators, from individuals to large painting teams, we appreciate how challenging the situation is and our thoughts and best wishes are with everyone across the country. Please revisit this page for the latest information on our operations.

Colour chip ordering is now available and will be fulfilled while operating under social distancing and health & safety requirements. Thank you for your patience.



What's happening at the Dulux Academy?

The Dulux Academy is currently closed to onsite visitors until further notice to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and team. People currently booked on courses that are not going ahead will be contacted directly, by the Academy team, to reschedule or organise a refund.


We are also excited to launch Dulux Academy Live during this time. A series of online workshops designed to support you and your decorating business. To join a workshop you need to enrol in advance and have an internet connection.

Dulux Academy Live workshops run for 45 minutes and are interactive, so you get real, face-to-face access with trainers across a range of decorating topics. As they are interactive, the workshops are not recorded or available following the allocated timeslot.


If you have previously attended a course at the Dulux Academy, ensure you join our closed Facebook group (Dulux Academy Network) to stay in touch with the team or other members of the community over this period.


Are you taking bookings for future courses?

Course dates are still available for customers wishing to attend later in the year and these will be updated as we get further information and direction from the UK government.


Can the Dulux Academy host online courses for decorators and tradespeople?

We are now running Dulux Academy Live, a range of FREE online courses designed to give you interactive, face-to-face training with the Dulux Academy Team across a range of decorating topics.

These workshops run for 45 mins to one hour and are specifically designed to run with small numbers so everyone gets access to the trainers and can have their questions answered.

If there are no workshops available at, keep checking back as we are adding more Dulux Academy Live workshops for June and onwards.


How will Dulux be supporting self-employed decorators who could be out of work for some period of time?

There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the position of self employed decorators at this time. Dulux will endeavour to provide the most up to date information to decorators where possible to ease some of the concerns we have been seeing in the community.

Since the UK entered lockdown we have endeavoured to provide useful information to support your decorating business, as well as maintain a feeling of community during this time. We have been amazed by how much the trade has pulled together to support each other.

For the most up to date information, as well as any advice to support your business, head to our Decorator Support Hub at


I’m a decorator, how can I be proactive and secure jobs for the future? How can I use this time to show people my skills / expertise? Then and now visual content advice, etc.

While the situation is tough at the moment, its important to stay on top of your business so you are prepared to maximise the opportunities that come down the line.

This may include maintaining contact with key clients and keeping on top of your search or social media presence. Creating a business profile (if you haven’t got one or a website), uploading photos of previous jobs, providing useful tips for DIYer’s in your community or just letting your customers know you’re still here and excited to get back to it will go a long way towards helping you win jobs quickly down the line.


How will the painting and decorating trade cope with loss of jobs?

There will undoubtedly be a drop in decorating work during the next few months. This, combined with customers being more frugal even after we return to normal, means its more important than ever to keep visible within you client base.

The painters and decorators who keep a focus on skill development and business visibility during this time will be the first to get jobs when customers start spending, and will be able to make the most of opportunities at the other end.


What are you doing to support your Dulux Select Decorators?

We are ensuring our members are informed of the actions we can introduce to support them at this time including deferred payments via their regional panel members on a weekly basis. The Select Facebook Forum offers a community where members can support and remain connected with each other.

If you are interested in becoming a Dulux Select Decorator, please find out more here.


Does Sterishield protect against Covid-19?

Our Sterishield range protects against bacteria, complementing hygiene in critical environments. Bacteria and viruses are very different. A virus requires a living host in order to multiply, whereas bacteria doesn’t. Our paint substrate isn’t a suitable host for virus and hence it will not be able to multiply. Viruses can stay active for a few hours on a substrate, and the main way to get rid of them is cleaning the affected area with soap and water. Soap is the best way to ‘kill’ Corona virus as COVID 19 has a lipid envelope (fat membrane) and soap will dissolve the fat membrane. Once the fat membrane is gone, the virus will then break apart and become inactive. Although efficacy against viruses has not been directly demonstrated, a cleaner surface with reduced levels of bacteria could offer a benefit against bacteriophage which are bacteria eating virus.


Can I clean my walls to help reduce the risk of virus spreading?

Yes, you can clean your walls if you have a durable product that claims scrubs class Type C (BS 7719) and/or Scrub Class 1 (BS 11998). 


BS EN 11998: 2006 Paints and varnishes: determination of wet-scrub resistance and cleanability of coatings: This wet scrub resistance test evaluates the resistance of the coating to repeated cleaning by measuring the film thickness loss after specified number of scrub cycles; the Dulux Trade Diamond range (including Diamond Sterishield) complies with Class 1 < 5 microns @ 200 cycles, which is perfect to use in this situation


BS 7719: 1994 specification for water-borne emulsion paints for interior use Annex C: method for the determination of scrub resistance: This test measures the paint weight loss after a specified number of wet scrub cycles; the Dulux Trade Diamond range (including Diamond Sterishield) complies with Type C: high wear and moisture-resistant paints <2 mg/cm² after 2,000 scrubs (best in class)


Dulux Trade Diamond products are tested to both BS EN ISO 11998 and BS7719 by AkzoNobel and comply with, and exceed, these standards.


What cleaning products should I use on my painted walls to minimise viruses being present on the wall?

Cleaning should be done using water and soap when using our durable or core range (Diamond, Easycare, Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt and Dulux Standard Coloured Emulsion.)


What’s the difference between bacteria, virus and fungus?

Bacteria: bacteria are tiny single-celled organisms that get nutrients from their environment. They don’t require a living host and can multiply on painted surfaces. (Using Dulux Trade Sterishield in this situation to help prevent bacteria to multiply). Some bacteria are good for our bodies (for example, they can help our digestive system), but other can be harmful.

Virus: viruses are even smaller than bacteria and aren’t a full cell. They are simply a genetic material (like DNA) package that sit inside of a protein and lipid (fat) coating. They require a living host to reproduce and they cannot multiply on painted surfaces. A virus can stay active for few hours on a painted surface and can be made inactive using soap and water.

Fungus: Funguses are multi-celled, plant-like organisms. Many fungal infections are not dangerous in a healthy person. They can multiply on plant, food and animals (including humans) in a damp and warm environment (i.e. athlete’s foot in humans).


Where can I buy your paint from as I need to continue to work and cannot find any open stockists?

Please find your local Dulux Trade store. Although during this time, in line with government advice, we recommend that all paint supplies are purchased online where possible.


When will I be able to buy paint again from the Dulux Decorator Centre?

The Dulux Decorator Centre is now operating an expanded Delivery and non-contact Click & Collect service. Please see the Dulux Decorator Centre website for the latest status.  


If you have another query, please contact us.

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