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Every year the Dulux Colour specialists at our Global Aesthetic Centre assemble a top team of international design experts to discuss the new global trends that will affect us all. Using these insights and a wealth of colour expertise, the team then chooses a Colour of the Year, and builds four new, easy to use paint palettes around it to help interior designers, decorators and building design professionals to create better, more comfortable homes and public spaces all over the world.

An airy, light blue that’s fresh, open and invigorating, Dulux Trade Colour of the Year, Bright Skies™ reflects the limitless skies around us. It delivers a flavour of the natural world and brings a breath of fresh air to a space. The soothing tone integrates nature into daily life, transforming spaces into a restorative escape from everyday stress.

Dulux Colour of the Year 2022

Bright Skies™ - light and uplifting

Bright Skies™ is an airy, light blue that’s fresh, open and good for the soul. It brings a hint of the natural world inside, and is a colour that works with a host of other  shades – from soft neutrals to joyful brights.

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Watch how colour within building design fulfils a vital role in delivering positive outcomes for building users. When working on project large or small, Bright Skies  can be relied on to help occupants use spaces flexibly, and adapt their surroundings to accommodate a variety of needs across sectors. 

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See how the Colour of the Year Bright Skies™ and its palettes deliver a ready-made way to help you guide your customer to achieve comfortable yet functional spaces that surpass expectations.

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