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Armstead Colour GuideAA


This selection of 140 of the most popular colours available in Armstead products will make it simple to refresh any room.


Colour Futures 2020


Tranquil Dawn™, has an air of calm and clarity that captures the mood of the new decade. Inspired by the morning sky, this beautifully versatile shade can be used to create spaces for care or for play, to find meaning or for creativity.

Colour Futures 2021


Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 is Brave Ground – a warm, natural neutral that connects us back to the simple things. Brave Ground, brings a bolstering, balancing feel to any room and is a versatile shade that lets other colors shine.


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Colour Palette Fandeck


The Colour Palette has over 2000 colours including the most popular commercial and trend colours, Supported with a variety of online tools, and the option to order individual colour chips, this is the essential range for anyone specifying colour.


Dulux Trade Pro Colour Guide


The Dulux Trade Professional Colour Guide presents enduring favourites alongside on trend shades, to create a collection of nearly 200 colours with something for everyone




Heritage is our range of luxury shades expertly curated by our colourists for today's most beautiful homes, which are available in a wide range of Dulux Trade finishes. Order a card online or pick one up from your local Dulux Trade stockist.


Dulux Trade Commercial Colour Guide


The Commercial Colour guide presents a compact range of colours selected for use in everyday commercial projects; including a good selection of ever popular neutrals and greys.

Colour Futures 2019


Spiced Honey is a versatile shade, inspired by the natural beauty of honey itself and chosen by our colour experts to reflect the new positive mood of the moment. It can be soothing, welcoming or energising, depending on the palette you pair it with.


Colour Wall In Store


This fabulous collection of interior colours, displayed in many Dulux mixing stores, encompasses current trend colours and perennial favourites, including colours found in the main Dulux colour guides. Available in a wide variety of interior finishes.


Light & Space Colours


A fresh range of pale shades available exclusively in Dulux Trade Light & Space products. These products feature unique Lumitec technology which reflects more light back into the room, making it appear brighter, lighter and more spacious.




Classic British Standard shades from the BS4800 range


RAL Classic


RAL 480 standard colours


Weathershield 420 Fandeck


An extensive collection of colours available in Weathershield Masonry products; providing colour and protection.


Weathershield Masonry Colours


This beautifully simple collection of colours has been created with exterior masonry in mind; colours that will look smart and have a timeless appeal. Use in Weathershield Masonry products for the ultimate protection.

Weathershield Trim Colours


This small collection of colours are ideal for exterior wood and metal and are taken from the Weathershield Guide. Colours that will look stunning on front doors and window frames. Use in Weathershield Gloss and Satin products for the ultimate protection.


Armstead Colour GuideAA


This selection of 140 of the most popular colours available in Armstead products will make it simple to refresh any room.


Cuprinol Garden Shades


91 beautiful Garden Shades specially developed to colour and protect garden wood. Choose from the neutrals influenced by landscape and sky or add pops of brighter colours inspired by flowers. Can also be used to enhance terracotta, brick or stone.

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