Switching to spray painting? Here’s what you need to know

Spray painting is 5x faster

If you’re thinking of making the switch to spray painting, we’d say smart move.

We’re seeing more and more painters and decorators choosing Spray as their go-to application technique for interior walls and ceilings. Yet this comes as no real surprise, especially at a time when everyone’s feeling the pinch. Spray painting is a smarter, more efficient way for you to work.

Why you need to up your Spray game


Did you know? Spray painting is 5X faster than using a brush or roller, meaning you can get the job done sooner.

Spray painting can also relieve some of the financial pressures you might be facing. By cutting time on jobs, you can keep labour costs low and stay more competitive. Cleaning up takes less time too, so you can move onto your next job swiftly. That’s good news for your client too, in terms of costs and being able to enjoy the work you’ve done earlier than expected.

Need more reasons to switch to a faster, more sustainable way to paint? Read on for the best Armstead Trade products for spray painting and learn how to spray paint with help from the Dulux Academy team.

How to get a smooth finish with spray paint


Spray is a faster way to get great results. It’s as simple as that. Spray machines cover large areas quickly and distribute paint evenly, meaning you can achieve a uniform finish in less time.

Best of all, you don’t need loads of experience to take on Spray. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, find the right products and equipment for the job and you’re good to go.

Spray painting with Armstead Trade products 


In our line-up of more than 20 great performing products, you’ll find paints compatible with spray machine application. Here are 3 products that’ll give you quality results for interior and exterior jobs.

Armstead Trade Contract Matt

Armstead Trade Contract Matt Paint

This durable, water-based emulsion is easy to apply to all normal interior walls and ceilings with both old and new surfaces. It offers a quality finish with high opacity. Coverage up to 15m² per litre.


How many coats of spray paint? 2 coats of Armstead Trade Contract Matt

How long does spray paint take to dry? 2-4 hours (recoat), 1-2 hours (touch dry)

Armstead Trade Quick-Dry Gloss

Armstead Trade Quick Dry Gloss Paint Can

If you want to know how to spray paint furniture or how to spray paint metal with Armstead Trade products, choose our Quick-Dry Goss. It’s a tough, durable, non-yellowing that delivers a high sheen finish. Coverage up to 15m² per litre.


How many coats of spray paint? 2 coats of Armstead Trade Quick-Dry Gloss

How long does spray paint take to dry? 4-6 hours (recoat), 2-4 hours (touch dry)

Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry

Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry Exterior Paint Can

Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry Paint will provide excellent coverage and application, plus a professional and smooth finish. It is BBA certified to provide up to 15 years protection and shower resistant in 30 minutes.


How many coats of spray paint? 1 - 2 coats of Armstead Trade Smooth Masonry

How long does spray paint take to dry? may vary according to temperature and humidity, 2-4 hours (recoat), 1-2 hours (touch dry) 

Top tip!


When it comes to choosing the right spray machine, always consider the type of job you’re working on. From small touch ups to interior trims and doors, to exterior walls and roofs, you’ll find spray machines that are designed for different kinds of projects. You can find out more, here.

How you can become a spray expert

How to spray paint

The team at Dulux Academy know a thing or two about Spray and are ready to share their expertise with you. Whether you’re eager to learn a new skill or want a refresher on what you already know, an industry-leading Spray course could be your next smart move.


Learn how to spray paint with a Spray Introduction, tackle real life scenarios on a Spray Advanced HVLP or Airless course or take a Kitchen and Furniture Refurbishment course for how to spray paint furniture.


It’s only 1 day out of your schedule and courses are kept small, so you’ll leave feeling more confident, with all your questions answered. Dulux Academy also has a Graco spray theatre, which is kitted out with top Graco equipment, so you get the best learning experience possible.


Find the right Dulux Academy Spray course for you, here.

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