Prep and Paint: How to get the perfect exterior finish with Dulux Trade Weathershield

If you want to transform the exterior of a property in the most effective, most efficient way possible, the Dulux Trade Weathershield range offers the perfect start to finish solution.

From the initial preparation and easy undercoat application right through the final, outstanding finish, Dulux Trade Weathershield supports every part of the professional exterior decorator’s job.


Step One: A comprehensive clean

As with any paint job, the first step is always going to be to prepare the surface. Exterior walls can pose particularly stubborn problems though, beyond the usual dirt and grime.

Wash the walls down using a standard detergent solution to get rid of all surface dirt, removing loose or flaking paint as you go. If you spot any mould or algae, rinse as much as you can off and make a note of it.

Mould and algae can be particularly troublesome on exterior walls. They need to be completely removed before they become problematic and ruin any finish.

Use the Dulux Trade Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash across the entire exterior if you have any suspicions of mould, algae or lichen - it’s suitable for all masonry and woodwork. 

Leave for 24 hours, then scrub with a stiff brush (not metallic) and rinse off all residues with clean water (if the algae or mould is particularly stubborn, you may need to repeat this process).


Step Two: Fix any imperfections

As part of the cleaning process, you’ll likely have already spotted and noted any cracks or holes that will need repairing before you can start painting.

Dulux Trade Weathershield Exterior Flexible Filler has been specially formulated for use across the whole exterior - suitable for both masonry and wood. It’s lightweight and easy to apply, an essential addition for any outside project.

We recommend it because of its superior flexibility. Simply apply direct (dampening the surface for easier use), to fill any cracks or small holes. It contains strong adhesive and, depending on the weather and the depth of repair, will be touch dry in just a couple of hours.

Leave overnight, and the Dulux Trade Weathershield Exterior Flexible Filler will be easy to sand down smooth - resistant to both shrinkage and cracking - and ready for Dulux Trade Weathershield paint.


Step Three: Prime and undercoat where required

The next step in the exterior painting process will depend entirely on the exterior surface you’re working with. But whatever type of surface that is, Dulux Trade Weathershield has the perfect product to support you.

If you’re working with masonry that has a powdery or chalky surface - or one that’s very sandy - then a thinned coat of masonry paint won’t be adequate as a sealant. Instead, use Dulux Trade Weathershield Stabilising Primer, a solvent-based solution that’s ready-to-use and specially formulated for unstable masonry areas. If the surfaces are sound, the Stabilising Primer is not needed. 

If the property you’re working on has benefitted from new woodwork, first of all apply a preservative primer like . It protects against water damage, decay, and blue stain fungi, and is an essential part of the full Weathershield system which provides up to eight years’ weather protection.

The next part of that longer lasting protection for exterior wood comes in the form of the Dulux Trade Weathershield Exterior Flexible Undercoat, delivering excellent flexibility, adhesion and coverage.

Step Four: Don’t always let the weather put you off

While you’re never going to complete an exterior paint job in torrential rain or wintry snow showers, not all decorators can put off outside painting until the summer months.

With Dulux Trade Weathershield, you don’t have to wait for a warm day (rare enough in the UK!) or worry about planning around a rain-free week:


Step Five: Painting the masonry

With all the prep work done, and weather worries off your mind, now you can paint the exterior walls with their final coats.

Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry makes the job quicker and easier than ever before. As a water-based solution, application is simple using synthetic bristle brushes or microfibre rollers. You may even want to consider spray to speed up the process. 

For an attractive fine granular finish with a more textured look, try Dulux Trade Weathershield Textured Masonry Paint, or if your client is after a higher sheen finish, use the Weathershield Smooth Masonry Gloss. Both are water-based and easy to apply. 

Step Six: Finishing the trim

With the masonry looking brilliant, complete with a high quality, high-opacity finish and Dulux Trade Weathershield’s anti-fade technology, the final step in the exterior home transformation process is to paint all the trim.

From doors and window frames to soffits, fascias and bargeboards, Dulux Trade Weathershield has got you and your clients covered there too.

That’s because you don’t need to sacrifice long-lasting protection to get the colour you want for your trim. The Dulux Trade Weathershield range has over 600 shades to choose from! 

So whether your client wants to modernise with bold red and bright blue, or keep things traditional with soft creams and neutral stone colours, they’ll still get the maximum protection of Weathershield products for up to 15 years.

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