Sikkens Satura Plus




Covering the essentials of woodcare and outlining the knowledge you need to make the most of the superb Sikkens range, this series of quick, informative videos from Sikkens is designed to help understand the differences between woodstains, opaques and varnishes and select the right for every project. After briefly introducing to the range, the videos show the Sikkens Cetol and Rubbol ranges and guide you through the individual products in more detail.


Achieving optimum results with Satura plus

See how effectively durable Satura plus can be used to give a stylish and long lasting opaque satin finish to exterior doors and windows.

What is more, although it is primarily designed for exterior wood, Satura plus is a versatile finish than can also be used as a finish coat on suitable primed metals and hard plastics.

Like all the Sikkens Rubbol range of exterior opaque coatings, Satura plus is formulated to add solid colour and provide optimum protection from the elements. Yet because it is a specialist coating, it has the advantage of allowing the most distinctive feature of wood, its beautiful natural texture, to show through.

Delivering up to 5 years dependable protection, Satura plus should be used as a finish coat, once surfaces have been primed with Rubbol Primer plus. The primer promotes adhesion and the topcoat of Satura Plus provides the required opacity and a beautiful decorative finish.

To learn more about Satura plus, why not watch our short video or click the product link below.

Sikkens Satura Plus


Wide colour choice

There is no need to ever play safe with colour, Satura Plus and the rest of the Rubbol exterior opaques range make it easy to achieve a more distinctive look. They offer a choice of 1624 colours from the 4041 Colour Concept, plus the complete palette of BS, RAL and NCS shades.

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