Keep your clients happy on every job

Clients Work

Happy clients mean repeat business and great recommendations. Here are a few tips to keep clients happy while you’re on a job


House-proud clients often underestimate the mess that decorating can cause. But with clear communication, you can keep your clients happy.



Speaking to clients helps them feel in control and can mean they might be more understanding if there are problems. If they’re at home when you finish for the day, show them what you’ve done and what you’re planning to do next. If they’re away during the job, emailing or texting photos of your progress is reassuring. And if you’re going to miss a day, let them know in advance.


Use considerate colleagues

The attitude of any extra colleagues reflects on you, so only work with people you trust. How do they speak to the customer? Do they swear and shout while they’re working? Do they loudly complain about tools, or the space they’re working in? Anything that might make a customer feel uncomfortable in his or her home can reflect badly on you.


Take extra care

If an accident happens, even a minor one, it’s best to be up front with the client rather than leaving it for them to discover. Use dust sheets everywhere: even parts of the home that you’re not painting but might need to walk through, such as halls or entranceways. The slightest footprint or paint drop can make clients feel that you’re not taking care.


Stick to your corner

If clients are staying in their home while the job goes on, consider the disruption it causes them. If you clean up at the end of each day, and take as much away with you each night, most customers will notice the extra effort. If you have to leave materials, keep them tidied into a corner, covered up and out of the way.

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